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19 Not-Super-Basic New Year’s Resolutions

1. Complain less.

We’re all guilty of it. Whether we’re stressed from class, tired or annoyed at our roommates, complaining can become a bit of a habit. Try to become more conscious of it and save those words for something more positive.
2. Save a few dollars.

Whether it’s picking up a part-time job or cutting down on the daily Starbucks run, you won’t regret stashing away those few extra coins!  

3. Work on your confidence.

This one is going to look different for everyone. Keep your head up when walking (this can be harder than you might think), listen to pump-up music, dress up, dance in the mirror, participate in class — or whatever makes you feel more powerful! 

4. De-clutter.

Student housing is crowded enough as it is. Get a bin or basket for that random crap that you just can’t get rid of, but otherwise, you’ll have to be a bit ruthless. If you don’t wear it — donate it. If you don’t use it — get rid of it. You’ll thank yourself later.

5. Get off your phone. 

I get it, sometimes we need to use our phone. But when you’re in class — or spending time with friends or family — put it away! Be in the present and focus on the people that you’re with. 
6. Meet new people.

This is a great way to change up your routine and hopefully won’t be all that difficult! Talk to the person beside you in class, sign up for an extracurricular or join a team. Maybe you’ll make a new friend — or at the very least have someone to smile at in the halls. 

7. Be more eco-friendly.

We are going through a huge environmental crisis right now. Although you might not think one travel mug or one less straw makes a difference, it does! Recycle, reduce your waste, turn your lights off or shorten your showers. One Google search can give you a bunch more ideas as well. 

8. Stop being late all the time. 

Sometimes stuff happens that we can’t prevent, but try to get up and head out the door a few minutes earlier. Whether it’s for a lecture or even to meet with friends, being on time or early shows how dependable you are — and really is just the respectful thing to do. 

9. Learn to cook. 

I’m not saying you need to make gourmet meals three times a day, but adding a few new meals to your menu couldn’t hurt. Learn from your family, roommates, cookbooks or the internet!

10. Drink less. 

I don’t want to be a bummer, but university really does promote binge drinking culture. There’s no harm in going out and having fun, but it’s maybe not the best to get blackout drunk every weekend. Take care of your body and take it a little easier! 

11. Eat breakfast. 

It’s rare that I ever take the time to make breakfast besides grabbing a granola bar on the way out the door. Do your body a favour and take a couple extra minutes to make some food before starting your day. 

12. Let go of grudges.

We don’t need to all be best friends and hold hands around the campfire, but holding a grudge honestly takes a lot of energy. Whether it’s a friend, family member or an ex: try to forgive and let go.

13. Make sleeping a priority. 

Staying up all night to get some extra study time in is NOT healthy. Instead of cramming, plan your time to study or work on your assignment further in advance. Getting around seven or eight hours of sleep can be difficult in university but is so important. 

14. Go outside more. 

It might be cold, but that’s no excuse! Go explore Waterloo Park, take a detour on your way to or from campus or explore Uptown Waterloo. It will refresh both your brain and your body!

15. Do more little acts of kindness.

Things like holding the door, complimenting someone or paying for their coffee. It doesn’t always take a huge gesture to make a person’s day, but it can make a real difference. 

16. Look on the bright side. 

Let’s be real: sometimes things suck. While crying in your room might seem like the best option, try to focus on the positives. Bad grade? Maybe you learned something that will benefit you next time. Breakup? You can take the time to focus on yourself. Try to find the silver lining.

17. Spend time with people that matter. 

With classes, work, extracurriculars and more, we all get busy. But at the end of these four years, it will be the people that you remember. Try to set aside some time for those close to you — including your family! 

18. Find effective de-stressors.

Maybe it’s taking a bath, watching a movie or going for a walk. Whatever it might be, take the time for it. Try to set aside some time in the week that can be carved out for these activities. 

19. Detox your social media. 

Are you following a bunch of influencers with bikini-perfect bodies? It can be nice to imagine an ideal life, but if these things make you feel poorly about yourself, UNFOLLOW! Someone posting only negative content? Thank u, next. 

I hope you find a resolution here that stuck out to you. But hey, at least I didn’t tell you to go to the gym, right? Happy New Year!

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