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11 YouTube Channels You Should Watch ASAP

As you probably know, YouTube is THE place to find any video you need in life. Whether you want to know how to build a dresser, why the sky is blue or how to master the feather brow, YouTube is your guy. I myself am a big YouTube fan. I use it to answer every question I have about life in general, but most of my time on YouTube is spent watching creators and daily vlogs from people all over the world. So, if you need a break from Netflix binging, look at some of these channels and I swear you won’t regret it! 

1. The Ace Family 

Austin, Catherine and their daughter, Elle, live in California and make the cutest and most entertaining vlogs you’ve ever seen. They have pranks, proposals and challenges which are all super great. Another kind of important thing to note is that they seem to have a CRAP ton of money. For example, every clothing item they have is Gucci, Catherine’s engagement ring is INSANELY massive, and they have about 5 cars, one of which is a Lamborghini. But if you love to live your rich life through cool, funny people, they’re perfect for you! Also, they are super attractive and wish I was them but MOVING ALONG….

2. Joe Santagato 

This guy is seriously the funniest person on YouTube. Every one of his videos I watch, I burst out laughing. He’s from New York and is super real and candid about literally EVERYTHING. Parental Guidance for sure on his channel, but seriously, if you need a pick me up or just want to laugh, check this guy out ASAP. 

3. Good Mythical Morning 

So, this channel is probably my favourite. I watch them pretty much every day and you never know what you’re going to get with them. They do crazy videos with celebs like Post Malone, eat brain pizzas and test every product there is out there, which makes them completely unpredictable and super entertaining. They’re the funniest, most creative, awkward middle age men I’ve seen, so give them a watch!

4. asCEDbyme

When I started watching this channel, it only had only a few thousand subscribers, but they seem to be getting bigger every day! I stumbled across them about a year and a half ago and I’m so happy I did. He’s an NFL player, which you get to see a lot of throughout his channel. His wife and daughter are super beautiful, and they seem to be humble and open to everything they post. Plus, the camera work and video editing are A1. 

5. Mamrie Hart 

This girl has been on YouTube for a while now and she is flipping HILARIOUS. Her channel, You Deserve a Drink, is legitimately about making drinks, getting drunk and making stupid puns. It’s my kind of thing and I really recommend her channel. She should easily be a stand-up comedian and I am going to be the first one to make that happen. 

6. Kristin Johns 

This little bean is the cutest thing to hit YouTube. Her voice is sooooo high and super cute, which may take you by surprise at first but once you get past that, her sweet makeup tutorials, vlogs and cute little puppies will make your day. Her style is the cutest and she gives great advice on makeup, jewellery or anything you need beauty/plant related. 

7. Our Tiny Tribe 

Again with the cuteness. This is a small little family from the UK who just added a new member. If you look up a cute family in the dictionary, I swear their picture would be there. They’re just a normal family, posting sweet videos on YouTube and seem to be the nicest people in the UK. Their videos are super relaxing to watch and I always love when a new video of theirs pops up on my feed. 

8. Safiya Nygaard

I first heard about Safiya through her role at Buzzfeed a few years ago. After she left Buzzfeed (like everyone else) she decided to make her own channel and it was a great decision on her part. Her videos are super unique, which is nice since YouTube is FULL of copycat videos. She shops blindfolded, mixes every one of her lipsticks/highlighters/foundations together and tests out the weirdest beauty products out there which makes for great entertainment on a night in. 

9. Sarah Baska 

This girl made her stamp on Vine and decided to give YouTube a shot. I’m super glad she did, ‘cause her videos are just like her vines: weird, crazy and hilarious. She makes the most outrageous, out of the box videos I’ve ever seen and her storytimes’ are always something I look forward to. She doesn’t post super frequently, but when she does, it’s always good. 

10. The Michalaks 

Another cute family, OF COURSE! The thing that gets me most with this channel is the video/graphics/camera work. It’s like watching a mini film every time you click on a new video. The videos are so well produced, and they seem like such a great family. Hopefully, we can get this guy a movie deal cause MY GOD!

11. Carli Bybel 

This girl is so flawless I get mad sometimes, I swear. She focuses mostly on makeup tutorials and reviews, but she throws in a vlog here and there which is what I look forward to most. She’s a YouTube veteran and has done so many amazing things using the platform, like giving girls in Cambodia scholarships, so they can get a great education! I mean come on. She’s super skilled at makeup and uploads a lot, which I love.  

Hopefully, these channels brighten your life like they did mine! 

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