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10 Travel and Packing Essentials for Reading Week

A lot of people see packing as a chore, myself included. Last minute, I usually throw everything into a bag, hope I remembered everything I need, and head out. However, this method of packing isn’t the most effective, as often times I reach into my bag a few hours later and realize that I’m missing something that I thought was impossible to forget.  Whether you’re going on a trip or heading home this reading week, here are a ten items that you CAN’T leave behind!


1. Toothbrush

Picture this: You wake up late, scramble to get your stuff together, brush your teeth quick, remember something else you have to do, and leave your toothbrush sitting on the counter. Does this scenario sound familiar? Then you go to buy one at your hotel and it’s like ten dollars because they know you’ll pay anything for one. Because this happens to me literally every time I travel, I buy cheap toothbrushes to keep in my suitcase. You can get a toothbrush and toothpaste for about $2 at the dollar store and you never have to worry about forgetting your toothbrush again.

2. Glasses (and Contact Lenses)

I wear my glasses most of the time, which is great because they’re almost always on my face. That being said, I like to switch it up with contacts every once and a while, and since I don’t wear both glasses and contacts at the same time, I’m bound to forget one of them. Pack either your glasses or contacts in advance, or both if you don’t wear a prescription all the time. I would also advise packing more contact lenses than you think you’ll need, because there is always the possibility of breaking your glasses or ripping a contact lens.


3. Headphones

Headphones are essential when commuting anywhere. Whether you’re in a car, plane, bus, etc., it’s always great to relax to some music, ESPECIALLY if you’re on a form of public transportation. Sitting next to a crying baby the whole time or a dude who snores super loud is SERIOUSLY annoying if you don’t have headphones and music to block the noise out. Pro tip, always pack an extra pair in case you lose yours, or the ones you had break.


4. Feminine Hygiene Products

Usually you know when your period is coming – in which case you know you need to throw some tampons in a bag. However, sometimes Mother Nature throws you a curve ball and you get your period when you’re not expecting it. BE PREPARED!


5. Medications/Birth Control

Realizing you forgot important medications or birth control is literally a trip-ruiner. Similarly, worrying about forgotten medication on your relaxing reading week sucks. Put a reminder on your phone so that if you aren’t used to carrying medications with you all the time, or you switch bags often, you’ll remember to pack it.


6. Sun Protection

If you’re going away on a tropical vacation, or you just like to stay protected from the sun, make sure you bring the sun protection ESSENTIALS – sun screen, a hat, sunglasses, and whatever else you need to stay safe in the sun.

7. Passport

This seems like a no-brainer if you’re going to be leaving the country, but sometimes trip preparations are so chaotic that you leave IMPORTANT things behind. Again, pack your passport WAY in advance to avoid the possibility of forgetting it.

8. Phone Charger

You always have your phone on you, but you may not always carry your phone CHARGER. The most annoying thing is realizing you don’t have your charger when your phone is about to die and having to buy a new one or borrow a total stranger’s charger. Keep an extra one in your travel bag just incase!

9. Condoms

Here’s yet another item you should have on you at all times, because you just NEVER KNOW. Better to be safe than sorry.

10. Gum

I always keep a package of gum on me. Chewing gum is great for relieving pressure in your ears on flights, getting rid of a bad breath, and gives you something to do when you feel antsy on a long car ride.


You can always put reminders on your phone, keep a checklist at the door, or ask someone to help you run through everything you might possibly need. It might seem redundant, but you don’t want to forget these items while on your travels! Have a safe reading week everyone!


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