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COVID-19 has brought out the true colors of everyone. Now more than ever, there is an urgency for not only good hygiene practices and universal healthcare, but an urgency for kindness and compassion.

The US is considered an individualistic country, meaning our values revolve around independence and personal rewards and benefits. This country is definitely focused on individual goals more than others.

This culture differs from a collectivist country, whose values are generosity, community, and kinship. Countries who are collectivist tend to focus on the good of the group, not just personal ideas and rewards.

With the outbreak of COVID-19, I am seeing more personal values than ever. 

Shelves are clear of essential needs, needs that are not even necessary for the outbreak. 

Toilet paper is gone, paper plates and cup shelves are empty.

I see people at Costco with baskets full of bananas, diapers, and cereal.

During this time, there is a greater need of reflection and compassion.

As you clear the shelves of baby formula and diapers, remember that there are mothers and families who cannot afford the luxury of buying in bulk.

As you clear the shelves of toilet paper, remember that there are individuals who live paycheck to paycheck and need these items too.

I don’t believe we can change our values from individualism to collectivism. I don’t believe this country will get the necessary needs from our government, such as universal healthcare, debt suspension, or the leniency that is much needed.

But as a community, we can take care of one another. We can look out for one another.

Practice social distancing, but call and check on your neighbors, donate extra food and resources to shelters and food banks, and leave that extra roll of toilet paper on the shelves.

We should remember to take care of ourselves by following the guidelines set by the CDC, but watch out for our neighbors and friends by spreading community and harmony in our individual lives.

I am a senior studying Ethnic studies with a minor in communication. I am currently an opinion columnist for the campus paper at WSU as well as a content writer for HerCampus! I have a passion for relationship building and leaning into discomfort, my goal is to challenge and empower women in all aspects!
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