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My Top 5 Resources for Premed Students

          As a first-generation college & premed student myself, it is easy to feel lost and overwhelmed on this long path to becoming a doctor. Between trying to get good grades and building up the other parts of your medical school application, it can feel almost impossible. However, having good resources can make your premed journey a lot more enjoyable. Here are my favorite premed resources that I have used all throughout undergrad!

1. The Organic Chemistry Tutor

  • The organic chemistry tutor on Youtube has been a lifesaver for organic chemistry 1 and 2. If you need a little extra help with organic chemistry, definitely check out his videos!

2. Chad’s Prep

  • Chad’s organic chemistry videos on Youtube are also another amazing resource for organic chemistry 1 and 2. He explains topics extremely well and even has a prep course with practice problems, quizzes, and chapter reviews for $10 a month. He also has other videos for general chemistry and physics. 

3. The Premed Podcast

  • The Premed Podcast is a podcast by Dr. Ryan Gray, a doctor who works to help get premeds all over the country get into medical school. Dr. Gray has multiple podcasts for the MCAT, medical school applications, and more. 

4. “The Premed Playbook” series

  • Dr. Gray also has written 3 books to help students in the medical school application process. The Premed Playbook series consists of 3 books that tackle different aspects of the application. The MCAT, The Medical School Interview, and The Personal Statement book are amazing resources to use if you are applying to medical school!

5. Webshadowers

  • Having a hard time getting shadowing hours in because of Covid? Webshadowers is an online shadowing tool that allows premeds to get documented shadowing hours for their application. They host 1-hour long shadowing sessions with physicians of all specialties, and at the end put out a google form to document your attendance. Each semester, they offer certificates for those who have completed a certain number of shadowing hours. It is an amazing resource for those who need to get shadowing hours in, but can’t get in-person opportunities.
Isabel Burns

Wichita '22

Isabel is a junior at WSU majoring in Biological Sciences and minoring in Chemistry. After graduation she plans to go to medical school to become a pediatric neurologist. She is currently conducting undergraduate research in speech pathology. Some of her passions include martial arts/ taekwondo, reading, and volunteering!
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