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Let Women Embrace their Sexuality without Backlash

Earlier this year, the Super Bowl Halftime Show sparked a bit of controversy as the two leading Latinas, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, were met with backlash about their performance being “inappropriate” and “hyper sexualized.” The sparkling spectacle had people clutching their pearls as they claimed the performance wasn’t “family friendly.” 

To all the haters who claim JLo and Shakira’s performance wasn’t appropriate: just admit that you’re intimidated by confident women and go.

This Super Bowl scandal is a prime example that no matter how a woman chooses to express herself, she will still receive judgment and hate for the sole fact that she’s a woman. If she dresses too conservatively, she’s a prude. If she’s too sexy, she’s a whore. If she dresses according to trends, she’s basic. Women are constantly told they’re either too much or never enough. 

There is no possible way to win this twisted game of labels and judgments, so you might as embrace yourself and live your best life – and that’s exactly what Shakira and JLo chose to do.

The Latina identity is one characterized by passion, confidence, charisma, and sex appeal. These are pillars of the Latina lifestyle. They don’t call Spanish the language of love for nothing. 

In a time of racial conflict and division, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez brought the heat and showed the world how valuable, beautiful, and strong Latina women are. At the age of 43 and 50 respectively, the two mothers proved they “still got it” – and they are sure as hell going to flaunt it. 

If Jennifer Lopez wants to pole dance in an incredible show of athleticism, she can. If Shakira wants to shake her hips and belly dance, she can. If any of this makes you uncomfortable, that’s a personal problem. Stop assuming that women must cater to your opinions and expectations at all times. 

It’s a new decade. Let’s start the new era by remembering that women do not need your permission or approval to embrace their sexuality however they want to.

Ella Lee is a senior studying Communications at Wichita State University. She enjoys photography, live music, and empowering women.
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