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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wichita chapter.

The Fall semester is coming to a close and, if you’re like me, you may be feeling slightly overwhelmed and entirely ready for a break – and that’s okay! Here are some social, fitness, finance, and academic packed apps to fit all your lifestyle needs to get you back on track.



Aside from your usual go-to social media platforms, there are just a few more fulfilling apps to add:

1. Groupme.

When it comes down to study groups, student organizations, clubs, Greek life, etc., Groupme makes communicating seemingly effortless. Believe me, this app has been more useful than I ever could have thought!

2. Uber.

Say that it’s a girl’s night out on the town and you’re wearing some not so friendly night out on the town shoes. Boom, pull up the Uber app and your travel issues for you and your friends are solved!

3. TikTok

Needing some good entertainment? Download TikTok for your midday slump needs. Bonus points for pulling out the creative stops and creating your own account and videos.

4. Pinterest

One of the best places to draw inspiration from, de-stress and relax, and act as your own personalized internet bookmarker- Pinterest!



Balancing school and work and extracurriculars is a lot on its own. Don’t forget about prioritizing a healthy lifestyle too! 

5. MyFitnessPal

Keep track of your weight, food, exercise, and more with this app- a personal favorite of mine.

6. Nike Training Club

Need some workout inspiration, but don’t have the time or budget for a trainer? Highly recommend!



Get some helpful guidance on ballin’ out on a budget!

7. Mint

This app is a great way to help stay on top of your bills, budgets, and even check out your credit score- all for free!

8. Fetch Rewards

Scan your receipts from different grocery stores to earn points! And even better- use that accumulation towards different kinds of gift cards available on the app.

9. Cash App

Another fan favorite- a classic way to send and receive money! Tip: look into requesting the Cash App card to utilize different discounts or “boosts” (such as $1 off each visit at any coffee shop, $5 off any grocery store purchase, 15% off a DoorDash order, etc.).

10. Venmo

A similar app with similar (and not to mention ~new~) rewards!


And most importantly, what every college student has in common…


Keep track of all your to-do’s and prioritize your studies with these last few helpful apps.

11. Wunderlist

Having a majority of our time spent on computer and phone screens, why not explore some more practical, day-to-day uses? This app will make sure you keep on track with online to-do lists where you can track your progress.

12. Quizlet

Got a major exam coming up? Get some extra studying in at the touch of your fingertips any chance you can get!

13. Pocket Points

Distractions are everywhere- don’t let your phone be one! Open up this app to set a specific amount of time to stay off your phone while studying. The more time spent off your phone, the more points you can put towards great deals and coupons for websites, stores, and restaurants!

14. Literally anything Google

Keep up with all your student accounts- email, saved and shared documents, and more.

15. BONUS: Your University’s official app/safety app

Shockers, this one’s for you! Download the Guardian app for immediate access to campus resources, help lines, WSU police, and even safety timers for whenever you’re walking around campus on those later nights.

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