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Celebrating Black History Beyond The Month Of February: Local Black-Owned Businesses To Support

February is Black History Month, and I think too often we find ourselves limiting this and all it stands for to this one single month. It is meant to be a celebration of Black achievements of today and throughout history. It is meant for us to come to terms with today’s world and support anti-racist action through education, amplification, and advocacy. Paying special awareness to Black and African American history and contributions isn’t something one should just put a time constraint on- it is too important and expansive for that. 

As a chapter of Her Campus at Wichita, we set our sights on continuing to learn, listen and grow, not just during this month, but beyond. In addition to this, we look forward to supporting Black-owned businesses. Let’s remember that really supporting Black-owned businesses should be an ongoing action instead of just a trend during designated times of the year. What are some of the best ways to really support businesses? Check out these businesses yourself! Learn more about them; add them to your list of places to try and go to; consider donating your time, efforts, money, whatever you are comfortable in support of their business. Tell people about them! It’s as simple as that, you can support Black-owned businesses by sharing about them and your experience. This can be from word-of-mouth or sharing about them online or on your social media.

In the mood for food? 

B.C.’s Kitchen     Berneal’s Carryout     Brint’s Diner     Burger Central      Crested Crane Cafe

Crig’s To-Go     Countryboy Taste     Fish and More      Geno’s Bar-B-Q     Giorgio’s II BBQ

Just Like Mama’s Kitchen      Just Simply Shonda     Korine’s Soul Food     LE J’s Bar B Q

Mil’s On Wheels Food Truck     P&P Pizza     Pam’s Wings With Things      

Sorrel’s Jamaican Food      Southeast Carryout     Sport Burger      Tad’s Carryout

The Artichoke Sandwichbar     This Is It: Soul & Southern

U-Hungry Truck     Willie’s Food Truck     Yummy’s Carry Out

Drinks and more:

Bongo Fruit Smoothies            Jenny Dawn Cellars

Simply Sangria Wine            Sunflower Nutrition

Got a sweet tooth?

DD’s Cheesecakes      Magnolia Sweet Shoppe      Wichita Cheesecake Company

Looking for a caterer? 

Jodee B’s Catering            MJ’s Catering And More

Other local Black-owned businesses:

Ad.hair.a      Benitez Counseling      Blaque Pearl Salon      Big Walk Apparel

Blu’s Beauty Bar      Bridge + Grace Management Consulting      College Hill Pediatric Dentist      

Dead Center Vintage      Decide To Move – Coaching and Consulting Services      

Films From Within      Iconic Photography      It’s On Clothing Streetwear      JBYS Creations      

J Eliz. Designs      J Cousin Photography      Keshia Ezerendu Photography      

Like No Other 316      Pretty Tress Beauty Supply and Boutique      ProTech      

Spicy J’s Seasoning      The House Of Rock      Vibe Wichita Podcast     

Here at Her Campus at Wichita, we look forward to supporting Black-owned businesses. Because when you support black-owned businesses, you further the efforts to bridge the egregious racial wealth gap that persists within our nation today. Just how bad is this gap, you may ask? According to studies done by the Economic Policy Institute on median and average wealth by race, we can see the significant differences between Black and white businesses and families– with the average wealth for white families being seven times higher than that for Black families, and the median wealth of white families twelve times higher than that of Black families. This gap plays a role in how Black entrepreneurs can finance their own businesses, it affects accessibility to capital and cash flow, this difference even exists in applying for credit. When you support Black businesses, you help change the narrative of this economic cycle of Black business owners encountering serious financial hurdles and significant setbacks that otherwise aren’t experienced by white business owners. 

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Mikaela is a senior studying Social Work at Wichita State University where she is also the Campus Correspondent for the Her Campus Wichita chapter. When she isn't on campus or at work, you can find her either hanging out with friends and family or trying out the newest place in town. Her passions include traveling, reading and writing, and all things local Wichita. Valuing social justice and women empowerment, she strives to make every effort count towards the best positive impact of others. She's an ENFP-T Myers-Briggs type and a type 2w3 Enneagram. You can find her on Instagram at @mikaelacutaran.
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