Wheaton Trendsetters: Daniel Rincon '14

Daniel Rincon is a New Yorker with an urban prep swagger and a love for the classics. As a sophomore here at Wheaton College, Rincon is currently working on his English major and dreams of pursuing law in the future. When inquired about his influence in style, Rincon accredited designers such as Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren as immense inspirations. In addition to these classic artists, Rincon would acclaim the ever-stylish Kanye West as another gentleman whose form of street etiquette motivates his flair. Rincon describes his style as grown up, declaring that he just recently reinvented himself from a hypebeast to an urban gentleman. That being said, Rincon opts to often times clad himself in collared shirts and dress shoes rather than the usual t-shirt and sneakers. Drawing guidance from the rugged New York City streets and the suburban New England atmosphere, Rincon is successful in developing a magnificent and elegant style that he can call his own.