Campus Celebrity: Raffaello Fattore

Name: Raffie FattoreHometown: Toronto, CanadaCourse: LawYear: 1st YearRelationship Status: Single



Tell us about yourself in three words...Spontaneous, free-spirited, ambiguous

Who is your celebrity crush?Jessica Alba from "Sin City"

What was your favourite memory at University of Westminster and why?There have been two so far. 1) Getting my first essay back because I love when hard work pays off; and 2) a random friendly coffee break in the library cafe turned into a friendly make-out session. That was fun.

Who is your role model and why?I don't really have one, an honest hard working human rights activist, or anti-gun activist, or maybe bob marley because he was so great at bringing people together and making them feel alright.

What is your ideal date?Go to an exotic resort, chill on the beach and sip fruity cocktails all day. By evening, have a nicely bbqued surf 'n' turf dinner, then a nap, then some pre-drinks and onto the dance floor at some club. (Author's note: this has to be the greatest ideal date that I've ever heard of.)

What are your aspirations for the future?I'm a competitive boxer and will be competing in this years ABA National tournament, I'd like to go to the next summer Olympics while completing my law degree. If boxing doesnt work out, then I guess I'll have to be an average joe working the 9-5 lifestyle at some law-firm. If I become a full time worker, I'll live in New York and start a family there. I have half my family in New York, so its not too foreign to me, my mom is a Jets fan and I was raised with Jet football on sundays, so naturally I'm a huge New York Jets fan (American football) so I would love to be a season ticket holder and go to all their home games! Love tailgating! If i ever do make it big, I'll join some human rights group and contribute to trying to make the world a more peaceful place.