Campus Celebrity: Lateefa

Name:  Lateefa Farah Hometown: Toronto, Canada (But technically Doha's my hometown since I grew up there from the age of 3) Course: Journalism Year: 1st Year Tell us about yourself in three words: Funny, Weird, and a whole lotta Craziness What was your favourite memory at University of Westminster and why?:So far, I would have to say when we got free vouchers from Dominos. Cause me being me, I thought they were actual vouchers, to the point I would get a free pizza from Dominos. So when I ordered it, and the delivery came to the house......the pizza wasn't free anymore! So I guess that's one of my favorite memories so far! Who is your role model and why?I would have to say both my parents, because I look up to them and I want to be where they are today! I want to be as successful and educated as they are. They are literally the two people that brought the choice of Journalism to me. Without them, I wouldn't be studying what I am today. What are your aspirations for the future?One day, I hope to have my own talk show, allowing people to share their stories with the world. A platform for people to inspire and influence/ impact peoples lives for the better!My main goal, and task on this planet is to make sure anybody I come across is granted with a smile on their face. Times are hard in this world; we're all fighting to get through the jungle. So my main goal is to be a helping hand for people who want to reach the mountains!