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6 Tips That Will Help You Secure An Internship


Interning is the perfect way to get some work experience under your belt. Here are a list of awesome websites, tips and tricks to try out:

Social media sites:

Twitter is a great place to start your internship hunting, just use the twitter search bar and search anything along the lines of ‘intern’ or ‘London intern’. From there you can interact with the person advertising the internship opportunity (remember to give a good first impression). You can go different ways with this, for instance, let’s say you’re looking for a public relations internship, just search ‘PR internship’ and all these awesome tweets in relation to public relation internships will pop up.

GoThinkBig: If you are looking for a career in media, GoThinkBig would be the ideal website to check out.  They always feature amazing opportunities with Closer, Kerrang, BBC and many others. Their application system is simple to use. They also have a features section with tips and advice on how to write cover letters and CV’s – www.gothinkbig.co.uk

Enternships: E-nternships features careers for everyone from media to engineering. They work with Start-ups and SMEs, as well as international companies such as Telefónica Wayra, Havas and Santander to get entrepreneurial work placements, internships and jobs to young people everywhere. www.enternships.com

InspiringInterns: This website is particularly for graduates who want to get an internship right after completing their degree, this is perfect for anyone who wants to gain experience and get paid at the same time. Most of the interns have gone onto securing full time jobs or gaining some worthwhile experience and great contacts for the future. www.inspiringinterns.com

Idealist: Idealists mission is to connect “people, organizations, and resources to help build a world where all people can live free and dignified lives.” You could work as an event planner in Washington, English teacher in Peru or in Medical Care and Public Health in Bolivia. www.idealist.org

Career counsellor: This may seem obvious but if you are unable to find something that matches what you’re looking for, pop into our careers service and have a lovely chat about finding you an internship. They will help you connect with alumni’s and find jobs for you. Remember to always follow them up, if you are not satisfied with what you get out of it. 

Do you know of any other helpful career related sites? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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