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5 Ways To Make Someone’s Day

Here are the five simplest ways to make someone’s day!

1.     Listen

Everyone loves to be listened to when they are going through a hard time, so listen to what the person says and try to give them advice, which will help them in the long term.

2.     Treat Them

Treat them to their favourite restaurant or fast food joint; this will definitely make them happier. Maybe go the extra mile and make them their favourite dish, Lasagna anyone?

3.     Make them laugh

Tell them a good joke or reminisce about that time you did something funny being your clumsy self.

4.     Buy them flowers

Surprise them with beautifully arranged flowers. Blossoming gifts are currently offering a 30% discount code that does not expire! Bonus: there are free chocolates included. Just include HERCAMPUS30 at the end of your purchase and voila, 30% off!

5.   Smile!

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