3 Wellness Rules to Live By

Rumor has it that eating healthy is too expensive for college students, well I disagree. Healthy eating is possible as long as you make smart choices. Below are 3 rules that are simple to remember and apply and wont destroy your wallet. 

The 80/20 Rule

Eating right can taste and feel good. When you put good foods in your body, it just functions better, simple as that. However, focusing on what you eat isn’t the most exciting thing day in and day out. When you try to go all out and choose to be 100% dedicated, you may just be setting yourself up to fail. To avoid the yo-yo effect that comes along with diets, follow the 80/20 rule. Eat right 80% of the time and 20% of the time eat whatever you want. You could look at it by calorie intake or every 5th meal, whatever works best for you, but let yourself ‘cheat’ and indulge. This rule will help you stick with it for the long-term. Being fit isn’t supposed to be about regulations, just smart choices. I don’t know about you, but mine often tells me that chocolate is the right choice. 

Food Is Fuel

Live this rule. When you are doing your grocery shopping and standing in front of the crisps, remember that food is fuel. They are tasty yes, but are they going to nourish your body? As college students , eating healthy isn’t cheap, but look at it this way: What keeps you full longer, an apple or a handful of crisps? Choose to buy foods that will keep you full and healthy. See your grocery purchases as an investment. Choose foods that are made of wholegrain; they may cost you a little more, but they will keep you full longer. See fruits as dessert- think about how much money you spend on candy bars, cookies, or cakes and put that money towards fruits, which can also satisfy your sweet tooth.  Invest in feeling more alive, eating good foods isn’t always boring, there are so many healthy and flavourful recipes out there. Making these simple switches will drop your daily calorie and sugar intake without skipping meals or even decreasing your portion sizes.


Think Healthy Not Thin

Don’t look at the calories, look at the nutrients. A calorie is a unit of energy, not a fat cell. This is why we have the term ‘empty calories’,  for foods and drinks (ahem alcohol), which have no nutritional value but pack a punch with their amount of calories.  If you look at a box of cereal, the sugary cereals like Frosties will display a smaller calorie amount than a box of whole grain based cereal like Cheerios or Sainsbury’s Fruit and Fibre (which are the same price or cheaper than Frosties!) while Frosties are based in sugar and fat, the other cereals offer more nutrients that will keep you full longer. When reading labels, focus less on the amount of calories and more on levels of fat, sugar, and salt, selecting one that is low in these areas. Allow yourself to eat snacks throughout the day, but instead of crackers or crisps choose fruit or vegetables. Not only will this help you see if you are actually hungry or just bored, but it will satisfy your food cravings and give your body the vitamins it needs to keep you happy and energized. Focus on what you are putting into your body, not how much. Don’t eat less, eat right. 

HCxo and Happy Eating!,

A fellow collegiette