Your Summer Reading List: Presenting The HC Book!

Imagine a guidebook that told you everything you needed to know about going to college after graduating high school. Imagine a book that provided you with honest advice about challenging situations you’ll deal with as a collegiette. Imagine all of your favourite and most helpful Her Campus articles all packed into one, convenient location.

Look no further, collegiettes. The creators of Stephanie Kaplan Lewis, Annie Chandler Wang, Windsor Hanger Western as well as writers and editors of Her Campus have come up with something we’ve all been waiting for: The Her Campus Book.

The Her Campus Guide to College Life is a young woman’s go-to read for anything related to being a female at university and college. The few months leading up to college can be super stressful for young women and we are filled with questions that we don’t always know where we can get the answers to. Can I balance a social life, part-time job, and being a student? What am I supposed to expect from a trip to the gynecologist? What’s the best way to communicate with a troubling roommate? The Her Campus Guide to College Life answers all these questions and more, and the best part is that all the information and advice comes straight from female college students themselves. You can expect an honest portrayal of college life as the writers of the book have gone through these situations first-hand.

The HC Book is written in a conversational way, is easy to follow, and organized so that you can quickly look up the topic you’re concerned about or want more information on. It’s the best of the best from the articles currently accessible on, and is helpful for freshman and senior students alike. One thing’s for sure, as a graduating student I sure wish I had a guide like this when I started university. It’s like a big sister or older friend telling you everything you need to expect about post-secondary school.

Visit or Amazon to order your copy of The Her Campus Guide to College Life today for only $11.83!