Your 2017 FOCO Playlist

On September 30th students in London will celebrate what was unanimously dubbed Fake Homecoming or FOCO. On Broughdale Ave., Western kids will stick it to the man and say, “no! we will not binge-drink during our fall exams!” No no no, us Western kids decide where and when we have our long standing traditions (and our binge drinking).

There’s a lot of things you need to prep for FOCO. First and foremost there’s that group trip to the LCBO, then the group trip to Wal-Mart to pick up some purple food dye and some last minute purple attire. But there’s always something you seem to forget.

We’ve all been there. You finally convince your stubborn roommate to have people over for a pre/party (it’s indistinguishable, really), you’re dressed to the nines, you’ve got a bag of Ruffles sitting in their bowl ready to be opened for your guests, and you realize: you forgot a playlist.

Don’t worry! This FOCO you won’t be left musicless. I’ve created the ultimate FOCO playlist that ranges from Dancing Queen to Bodak Yellow. This playlist is a solid 7 hours and 6 minutes (about the length of the FOCO morning before you take your well-deserved afternoon nap). FOCO can be so much fun (especially if you’ve got a killer playlist) but make sure you stay safe and know your limits throughout the day!

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