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Why You Should Watch “This Is Us”

Although we’re all obsessed with Netflix (who doesn’t like having all your favourite shows and movies at your fingertips?) you can still find some great shows on TV. If you haven’t started watching This Is Us you should. Here’s why:


1. Milo Ventimiglia

For those of us who are dying for the Gilmore Girls revival, Milo (Jess) plays a lead role in this show. He may not be the same bad boy we all love, but he’s an adorable father.


2. It deals with race issues

In the show we see the characters dealing with issues of race. Primarily one of the main characters, who is a black man who was raised by a white family. Most television shows shy away from this type of content, as it can be difficult to deal with in the right way. This show is doing well at tackling these issues.


3.It’s funny

This show deals with a lot of serious issues, yet it’s still a lot of fun to watch. The characters are witty and fun and you’ll love them.


4.It deals with weight loss and body image

Although it’s not new to see television show us women who feel pressured to be thinner, This Is Us gives us a glimpse into the health and mental health sides of this. Kate has dealt with her body image since childhood and we get to see how dating, friendships and health are affected by her weight.


5. Plot twists are everywhere

It seems as though every episode has an important plot twist to keep you on your toes. I promise that each episode leaves you wanting more as you learn another fact in the plot!


6. Adoption is a theme

Adoption is another issue that is not commonly dealt with in mainstream television. In this day age it’s important that everyone has representation on TV, including children of adoption. This Is Us integrates the idea of adoption, biological and adopted families.


7. It teaches you to follow your heart

The character Kevin feels like he’s a sell out and goes through a change in his career. Although this is not easy for him, it is important, and he follows through because he knows it’s what’s right for him.


This show should definitely be on your to-watch list!


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