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Why Thanksgiving Should Be Your Favourite Holiday

As we all start panicking about midterms, papers and building our resume, we’re granted a temporary reprieve: Thanksgiving. It happens every year, yet we always forget about this fantastic holiday. Here’s why the most forgotten holiday should be your favourite.

It’s a Break From School

Sure you get Christmas break with no essays or exams to worry about, but Thanksgiving break is more rewarding because it’s in the middle of midterm season. This reprieve is just when we need it.


Seeing Your Friends

We can visit our high school friends as much as we want in the summer but once the school year hits we’re too busy. Going home for Thanksgiving lets you catch up, because you know at least one of your friends will be on vacation over Christmas.


Returning to Your Pets

For the pet lovers out there, you know that leaving your furry friends can be the hardest part about going to school. A weekend home is *almost* always what you need, for a little pet kitty (or puppy) therapy.


Seeing Your Family

Sure you spend the summer and Christmas with your family, but it’s too much time to really appreciate. Going home for just the Thanksgiving weekend lets you enjoy that fantastic family time without it being too much.


The Food

Thanksgiving food is glorious. Whether you adore turkey, or are vegetarian like me and are waiting for the potatoes, Thanksgiving food can’t be topped. Plus there’s always some sort of pie. Ideal!


The Leftovers

You might have a delicious Christmas dinner, but being at home after Christmas you have to fight it out with relatives for the leftovers. When going back to school after Thanksgiving, you’re almost guaranteed that mom will wrap up some of your favourites for you to take with you. Hello easy, delicious meals!


The Good Feeling

Thanksgiving is about being thankful, something that we don’t always remember to be. The warm and fuzzy feeling you get remembering how wonderful the people in your life are and being grateful for what you have is the best part of Thanksgiving.


Remember to enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend and remember what a great holiday it is!

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