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Why Every Girl Needs to Watch “Sex and the City”

Sex and the City is a show that has it all: comedy, romance, tragedy, and lots and lots of sex. Whether you’re having a night-in with the girls, or sitting alone at home with a glass (or bottle) of wine, it’s the perfect go-to show.

So, for those who have never watched Sex and the City, or have only watched an episode once in awhile, here are some reasons why you need to put this sexy show on your to-watch list:

1. Samantha

As described by Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha has the ego of a man trapped in a woman’s body. Not only is she fiercely independent and strong willed, she also embraces and prizes her sexuality. She’s definitely the type you would find leading a campaign supporting female orgasms, masturbation, equality in the bedroom, and being able to freely express one’s sexual desires and fantasies—whether it being man or woman. Not to mention, she’s absolutely hilarious, and isn’t afraid to speak her mind—especially when it comes to sex.

2. Miranda

As a successful lawyer, Miranda shows us how a powerful woman has to navigate her way through the world of men. Although repeatedly shamed for her independence, she always has an amazing slap-in-the-face comment towards those who try to degrade her. She’s a woman who refuses to apologize for her well-earned success. Also, probably 60% of the show’s humour comes from her lines.

3. Charlotte

Okay, Charlotte may have some questioning moments—and may be really annoying sometimes—but you can’t help but admire her undying faith in love. No matter what happens to her or her friends, she always believes that love will conquer all. It’s a little cheesy, but sometimes cheesy is what every girl needs, and Charlotte understands that. In many ways, Charlotte’s the glue that holds the four friends together.

4. Carrie

As the main character of the show, Carrie proves to be this happy medium between the three other friends. She also has impeccable taste in shoes, and understands a woman’s need to shop. Her relationship with Big is pretty epic, too.

5. Stanford

The best gay friend any girl could ever have.

6. The Weekly Column

The weekly column Carrie writes is actually called “Sex and the City,” hence the title of the show. Based around topics surrounding sex and relationships, Carrie delves into the funny, the sad, and the painful. Not only are they immensely entertaining, they also ring true.

7. The Power of Female Friendship

You’ll never see a closer group of friends. For the good, the bad, the ugly, and the really ugly, the four women are always there for each other—no matter their own opinions. There’s a whole lot of love, trust, and compromise in this friendship.

8. The Struggles of Dating

Between the four of them, they come across every weird, freaky, and uncomfortable experience one might have while dating or being in a relationship. It’s entertaining, but also a little terrifying.

9. Tough Breakups

We’ve all been through them, but there’s something about watching it happen on TV—especially to these ladies, who have their own crazy ways of handling a messy breakup (*cough* Carrie *cough*). The worst is when Carrie’s broken up with on a post-it note.

10. The Dreaded “On-and-Off” Relationship

Carrie and Big are notorious for this—it almost makes you feel better for doing it yourself. But we know all the feels when that one person keeps trying to sneak their way back into your life.

11. Finding True Love Isn’t Easy, But It’s Quite the Journey

We all want it—but sometimes it needs to want us before we can get it.

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