Why Cats Make The Best Pets

Quite often, when you meet someone new, there is the inevitable discussion of cats versus dogs. Are they a cat person? A dog person? A bit of both? Or are they just crazy and don’t like either?

I personally am a cat person. If I could, I would take in every stray cat in the world—that’s how crazy I am. If you want to melt my heart or be my friend, just talk about cats: I could go on forever about why I love them so much.

Unfortunately, though, there are a lot of people who despise cats; as a cat person, I can admit that they can be pretty unlikeable sometimes. The thing is, however, cats truly do make the best pets—and here’s why:


Quick Potty-Training

You literally plop them in the litterbox and you’re done. Cats just know that’s where they need to go when they need to go.


Indoor Bathroom Facilities

Cleaning out a litterbox is super easy when you stay on top of it. Since they do their business inside, you don’t need to worry about stepping in crap outside. Plus, you can get scented litter to make it smell clean.


Built-In Groomer

The greatest thing about cats is that they come with a built-in groomer: their tongues. Not only do you not have to spend money on getting them groomed every month, you can count on them being clean all day every day.



They don’t need love and attention every second of the day; they like to do their own thing, which is great when you need to do your own thing, too.


Cuddles for Days

When you’re alone watching TV, or lying in bed ready to fall asleep, they make the best cuddle buddies. What’s great is that they don’t need to be lying on top of you the whole night to be happy; they’re content with the foot of the bed for the whole night, giving you enough space to sleep however you want.


Funny Personalities

Every cat is a little different, even if they’re related to each other. Everyone knows the funniest home videos are always about their cats doing stupid things.


Traveling is Easier

Because cats are so independent, you’re able to leave them alone for longer periods of time. As long as you have one designated person to visit an hour every other day, your cat will be perfectly happy.


They Adore Their Owners (For the Most Part)

Sometimes cat owners think their companions are sent from hell, but trust me when I say they don’t love anyone more than they love you. You’re literally their world.


Slobber Free

Unless your cat has some bizarre medical condition, they don’t salivate on everything. It’s nice to be able to snuggle your pet without them slobbering all over your knee—just saying.


Small and Compact

The majority of cats are quite small, even when they’re really pudgy. But because they’re so small and compact, they’re that much better to snuggle with—and who doesn’t love snuggling squishy cats, anyway?


Fuzzy AF

Basically they're like real-life teddy bears, especially kittens.


Not Beggars or Whiners

Sure, they may meow at you demandingly now and then, but you never hear them whine for things like food, attention, or walks. They’ll let you know when they want some love or food, but they don’t make it their mission to bother you.



When you see them flopped over on their sides fast asleep, you can totally relate to how they’re feeling. Sleep is everything.



Cats enjoy their peace and quiet as much as we do; they’re the perfect partner to enjoy the silence with.


Don’t Need Exercise

Their exercise for the day consists of moving from the bed, to the food bowl, to the litter, and back to bed. Who needs a walk around the block when you have the stairs?


They Make a House a Home

Even when they’re not in sight, it’s still comforting to know that you always have someone who loves you.


They Can Skateboard

The video says it all.