Western Memes For Everyone

Memes are how we pass the time. Memes are how we waste time. Memes are the best way to live life. Have you ever found yourself amused by the memes you can relate to? Tagging all your friends because it’s just SO you? No? Well look no further. A definitive list of my fave Western University memes for our UWO readers:

1. First years are always like...

FYI: All our emails still end in UWO.

2. But fourth years are always like...

It’s a sad day when we write “Western University” on our resumes.

3. I don’t understand why parking is so expensive????

Fun fact: you can’t graduate until it’s paid.

4. “I got AEO” has never turned me on

Regardless, I am unimpressed.

5. Eastern but Western?


Realizing we never talk about this…

6. LTC problems...


Ninety percent of the time there’s still plenty of room on the bus.

Come to think of it, there aren’t too many Western University/UWO memes. I think it’s time the student body stepped up their meme-making game. Create your own, post them everywhere. Go forth, students, and get that relatable content going viral!

Bonus: Every student’s worst nightmare


If this isn’t your favourite thing ever, you’re wrong.

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