10 Body Positive AF Instagram Accounts to Start Your New Year Right

New year, new onslaught of fad diets and workout regimes brought on by the guilt of holiday weight gain and well-meaning resolutions. While I’m all for bettering one’s self and striving to be healthier, the focus of these commitments tends not to be health but shame: shame for not having more self control, shame for relaxing and maybe not being as active, shame for putting on a few pounds. It’s important to remember in the midst of all this that you are more than a number on a scale, and that just because you gained some weight over the holidays (and, let’s be honest, who didn’t) doesn’t mean you aren’t worthy or loved or beautiful. 

In the spirit of self-love, and in protest of post-holiday body shaming, I have compiled a list of my favourite body positive Instagram accounts to follow. These women are an inspiration and reading their posts is sure to set the tone for an amazing 2018! 

1. Iskra Lawrence - @iskra

I’ve been following Iskra for a while now and she is one of my favourite accounts! She’s one of the models representing Aerie in their unretouched campaign and often posts about body positivity and loving your body. Now she’s launching another account to promote her new online health program, which centers on positive lifestyle changes with a strong focus on mental health and self love.

2. Georgia & Kate - @any.body_co

Georgia and Kate are Australia-based models who partnered together to start anybodyco and spread the message that every and any body is beautiful. They often share inspiring posts from women of all shapes and sizes and are constantly pushing for brands to expand their size range to include all body types.

3. Precious Lee - @preciousleexoxo

Precious Lee’s Instagram is undeniably flawless. Her posts are funny, confident, and just a little bit outrageous, not to mention she is absolutely gorgeous and knows how to flaunt it. If you need someone to follow for inspiration, I highly recommend this account. We could all take a few notes from Precious!

4. Gina Susanna - @nourishandeat

Out of all the new accounts I discovered in the process of writing this article, Gina’s is by far my favourite. The focus of this account is on mental health, body acceptance and the recovery process following an eating disorder. Her posts are sweet, inspiring, very, very relatable, and I can’t wait to see them on my feed every day. 

5. Gemma - @ingemmasworld

Gemma writes posts about coming to love her body and finding the middle ground between having a restrictive diet and enjoying what you eat. What I love most is that she focuses more on her strength and improvement than on her weight or body’s appearance. We could all learn a little from her approach! 

6. Sarah Trip - @sassyredlipstick

How aesthetic is this feed?! I am in love. Not only is Sarah’s Instagram fun and pretty to look at, it’s empowering and body positive as well. She has shared her journey towards confidence over the past year with her followers, as well as her impeccable fashion sense. 

7. Denise Bidot - @denisebidot

Denise Bidot is a gorgeous plus-sized model who has appeared in an ad in Sports Illustrated unretouched and worked for Levi’s, Nordstrom, Forever21 and more. She is kind and benevolent enough to grace Instagram with her flawless account. If seeing her flaunt it on your feed every day doesn’t motivate you to be a little more fierce, I don’t know what will! 

8. Tess Holliday - @tessholliday

Tess Holiday is probably my new favourite human. Author of “The Not So Subtle Art of Being a Fat Girl” (available for purchase on Amazon here), single mother and model, this amazing woman is unbelievably candid and honest with her follower base in a way that is both inspirational and moving at the same time. She’s fierce, funny and fabulous—what more do you need?

9. Faith Leatherman - @faithlfit

Faith’s Instagram focuses primarily on her fitness routine, but her captions often discuss issues of body positivity as well. She addresses her own experiences with body shaming, weight-gain, confidence, and self-love. Many of her captions include important reminders and positive affirmations, and I promise they will brighten your day!

10. Joanna - @joannathangiah

Joanna is a body positive artist, feminist, and all around badass who is definitely worth your follow. Her quirky comics are hilariously relatable while poking at the patriarchy and societal beauty standards in just the right way. 

It can be difficult to avoid falling into the self-shaming trap following the holidays, but hopefully following these women will be a step in the right direction. New year, new self-loving, body positive AF you.   

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