Western Collegiette's Favourite Romance Novels

Hello, February—the month of romance, red and, most importantly, reading! As we all know, there is nothing us bibliophiles love more than a good book, but what happens when our minds start wandering to our S/Os around Valentine’s Day? We shift our reading material, of course! I surveyed Western women to find out our most-loved romance novels and now I’m here to share them with you. Albeit, begrudgingly I’ve added them all to my reading list and want to get a head start! Here are Western collegiettes’ favourite romantic reads for the Month of Love.


The Little Bookshop of Lonely Hearts - Annie Darling

Want to read a romance novel about a girl who reads romance novels, but must also save a local bookshop she’s inherited from ruin? What if I added that it may or may not feature an enemies-turned-lovers storyline and several heaping spoonfuls of delicious romantic tension? This one’s a sure-fire heart-pleaser!

“The cutest thing I've ever read. Definitely rom-com with fun nudges to Jane Austen, British culture, introverts and book lovers alike.” - Caitlyn


Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen

Speaking of Jane Austen, nothing puts the spirit of romance in the air like a classic, and she does not disappoint! Pick up Pride and Prejudice if you want a marathon read that will leave you more romantically satisfied than any man.

“What gets us more excited to read than the promise of a badass female protagonist who turns down not one but two proposals, and STILL gets her happily-ever-after? Strap in for some classic Regency period drama, too many ridiculously named people and places to count, and a cat-and-mouse race to true love.” - Sydney & Lauren


The Twilight Saga - Stephenie Meyer

A Millennial classic, if you will? If February is the month of love, then you should definitely make time for past-loved books, and what better to tickle your bibliophile fancy than everyone’s favourite guilty pleasure? Re-live one of the most questionably written and yet ridiculously addictive drama of vampires vs. werewolves, Edward vs. Jacob, and Bella vs. doing literally anything productive.

“Craziness ensues. Social roles are swapped—Edward wants to wait ‘til marriage, Bella wants to bang. Edward is a feminist. Jacob Black. That’s why you should read.” - Billie


To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before (+ sequels) - Jenny Han

Maybe you’ve seen the movie and are curious for more, or maybe you’ve only heard the hype around this series, but now is the perfect time to dive into the infamous Jenny Han romance novels! Although they’ve gotten some divisive reviews, beach reads can satisfy that romance craving too. No time like the present to find a new guilty pleasure series!

“Let me tell you: they were trash, poorly written and entirely plot driven, but like it was SO BAD that it was good? Very cutesy.” - Maggie


The Agency: A Spy in the House - Y.S. Lee

A lot of reads on this list are classics or well-known popular lit, but this one gives a little something extra—the element of complete surprise. Don’t want any spoilers? Just read the testimony below, and go pick it up!

“Want to know how a young, poor, orphan spy in Victorian London, England gets around, all while working undercover as a “lady companion” in a rich family-mansion, sporting fancy petticoats, and falling in love at the same time? This book answers that question and makes you ask many more! This was my absolute favourite book in high school; I've read it 12 times. It's like Nancy Drew but in Victorian England, and sexy.” - Natalka


The Princess Bride - William Goldman

Widely touted as the most romantic story of all time (including the kiss that left the five greatest kisses of history in the dust), The Princess Bride is well worth your time this February. As if you don’t need any more motivation, a young Cary Elwes plays the love interest in the film version—the perfect Westley to imagine spending hours traversing the countryside with!

“Fun and clever romance tied up in a beautifully-written fantasy world. Romance, sword fights, puns—what more could you want?” - Lauren


Tin Man - Sarah Winman

For the lady who wants a romance of emotional substance this month, Tin Man offers both love and loss, engaging your desire for deeper insight into historical romance. The nuance and compassion in this read will leave you full of powerful emotion, and make sure your February isn’t just filled with repeatable-plot rom-coms. Don’t forget the tissues!

“Focusing on the love between two 12-year-old boys growing up in the 1950s, it’s a story that leaves you thinking how their lives could have been altered under different socio-economic, cultural and familial differences. Winman explores the AIDS crisis in London in the late ’80s and early ’90s, reflecting the relationships between gay men as many of their community died, and the relationships those men had with their families, friends and neighbours.” - Billie


The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern

It’s not often that you find an addictive read that can meld magical enchantment and the politics of ephemeral circus employment together beautifully, but that’s exactly what Erin Morgenstern achieves with this novel. All of the reviews I’ve seen have gushed over its ability to create obsessive readers that pour over its pages again and again, entranced by both the love story and the whimsical imagery of the tale. This is the next book on my reading list for February, and I recommend you dive in too!

“The author uses some of the most descriptive language I’ve encountered to create a beautiful world that you want to live in. A truly magical book that gets you invested in the plot of two magicians falling in love.” - Lilja  

Flip through some of these reads this February, and I guarantee you’ll have the best Month of Love yet! Read on, and don’t forget to get up for food and stretching breaks—these books are sure to have you glued to their romance-filled pages.


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