Weird Things Western Students Do That They Don't Realize Are Weird

All universities have their little traditions and quirks, but I’m convinced Western has more than most. I’m not saying all of these things are bad, some of them are great; I’m just aiming to highlight some things you as Western students might not even realise are weird to an outsider.

1. Finsta (Fake Instagrams)

When I first heard about Finstas I was so confused—why did people have a second account; why was it necessary? If you’re unaware of what I’m talking about—on these Finstas people post funny pictures of them and their friends or throwback pictures and you can rant in the caption or post funny anecdotes—whatever you feel like. It’s an escape from wanting to have the perfect themed main Instagram account. A Finsta is where you can post goofy stuff and it’s okay because your settings are on private and you aren’t doing it for the likes. Finstas are weird, but wonderful. Some people I know have incredibly funny Finstas, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t a very odd concept.

2. “Reaching” Somewhere

 At Western people use the term “reach” in a very odd context. People say “reach the dining hall at seven if you want free cookies” for example. Why people can’t say “go to” is beyond me. “Reaching” somewhere not only sounds weird, but is weird. Please stop Western.

3. Bus Lines

I will never understand why students at Western seem incapable of forming an orderly line and getting onto the bus in that order. It’s polite to wait your turn; it is polite to let the people who have been standing in the -10 degree weather five minutes longer than you have on the warm bus first. Why Western students feel it is acceptable to push in or barge towards the door in an animalistic way I will never know.

4. Bar-Club Hybrid Places

Ceeps is the best example of this. You can go there at 7pm and watch a hockey match and stay there until a DJ arrives and hoards of drunk people arrive and now it’s a club? The first time I went to Ceeps I was so confused—why was there a TV playing the Big Bang Theory behind the bar when I was ordering my fourth whiskey sour? Why was I getting very drunk in a place that only resembled a club because of the small dance floor? Nothing made sense and honestly it still doesn’t— Western students just accept this as the norm but I’m telling you, this is very odd.

5. Microwave Popcorn

Hear me out on this one. I’m not saying that the concept of microwaveable popcorn is weird. I’m saying that at Western students think it is acceptable to not read the instructions on the microwaveable popcorn, meaning they burn it, meaning I have been dragged out of my comfy bed at all hours of the night at least three times this year because somebody has burnt their microwaveable popcorn. It’s weird. Start reading the instructions please Western.

6. Wellies (Rain Boots)

Why do Western students wear wellies around campus? Are you going to a music festival later? Are you a farmer and just came straight from plowing the muddy fields? Are you a geography student going on a field trip? No? Then why on earth are you wearing wellies on campus? This is very weird.

7. Sophs

Don’t get me wrong, they're weird but wonderful. My sophs are two of my favourite people on Earth but the whole concept is very strange, especially when you first arrive. “Hey students, here are some people who will look after you for the whole year and be a guide, but they aren’t allowed to show you their faces yet and you can’t know their real names until a week from now.” Very strange concept; I think you’ll agree? I struggle explaining to my friends and family why I have friends called Detour and Combo so often I’ve just given up trying to explain Sophs. Weird but wonderful.

8. Having midterms that finish less than a month before finals

This isn’t something to blame on Western students, Western administration and faculty are to blame. I know people who finish midterms on the 18th March and have their first exam the 11th April, how is that fair Western? I’ll answer you: it’s not. But this isn’t an article about my feelings towards the Canadian University system (you can read that here) I’m just saying, it’s not normal to have such a small gap between midterms and finals. No wonder Western students are so stressed.

9. 7pm-10pm Classes

I had a friend say to me “well yeah we’re at university now, so classes finish later.” I can tell you this certainly isn’t the case in most universities my friends and I attend. How do profs expect me to still be learning, functioning, awake, and trying to learn at 10pm? What if I’m falling asleep at the desk because I also had an 8.30am class? (Also a ridiculous time to learn.)