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“The Walking Dead” Season 7 Premiere: Welcome to a New Sh*t World

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Western chapter.

I realize that I’m a little behind on the reactions and opinions of The Walking Dead’s Season 7 Premiere; I, unfortunately, did not start watching the show until recently, after reading the first comic for one of my classes. At first, I expected a show that focused on gross, overdramatized zombies but the show is actually so much more than this. It’s about human nature and condition and what happens when these things are challenged and compromised in gruesome, difficult ways. In other words, it’s f*cked.

But it wasn’t until the first episode of season seven that I really began to question humanity. Of all the horror movies, books, and TV shows I have watched over the years (and trust me, there’s a lot of them), I don’t think I have ever witnessed something so cruel and gruesome as I did in TWD’s season seven premiere.

I knew it was coming, though—I think that’s the worst part. Obviously, as someone who has just recently begun watching the show, I’ve heard a lot about the different characters and their deaths through social media. I expected Abraham and Glenn’s death but I underestimated just how horrible it was going to be. I thought people were being overdramatic about Negan’s character and his capabilities; I never imagined just how gory the show was willing to go.



The Walking Dead is a gross show. There’s a lot of blood and guts but most of the time it’s related back to the zombies. While we do see some pretty gruesome scenes with the characters (like Hershel’s death), most of the gross factor comes from the actions or destruction of the Walkers. It wasn’t until the final episode of season six and the first episode of season seven that my stomach churned with repulsion from what I was watching.

I’m sure I’m not the first to admit that Negan’s character scares the hell out of me: he literally brings the most powerful characters to their knees and practically has them eating from the palm of his hand—and that’s only in the first couple episodes he appears. Negan’s appearance really emphasizes how much everything is about to change not only for the characters in the show but also for the show’s viewers. I’m not sure how I feel about the change.

Negan’s presence definitely adds a whole new vibe to the show, which I think is desperately needed. By the sixth season, everything was becoming pretty repetitive and predictable. Don’t get me wrong, it was all still enjoyable and got my heart pumping, but if it wasn’t for the introduction of something new I probably would’ve lost interest. Although Negan crushed my soul more and more with every swing of Lucinda, he also brought back the anticipation and excitement I experienced when I first began watching the show—and I can appreciate that.

I truly wish they didn’t kill off Abraham and Glenn but at the same time, I understand why they did it. It was the beginning of a new chapter for The Walking Dead, a new path for the remaining characters. I look forward to watching the rest of the season to see where the directors take the new storyline. We may have been welcomed into a new shit world, but it’s a new shit world with new possibilities. Either way, I’ll miss you, Abe and Glenn!



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