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The Top 10 Indicators That Valentine’s Day Is Near

February 14th is near. This number might resonate with you; it may be like any other day of the year or it may be an assignment due date. As like any other date that has been given a meaning by society, social media and companies will ensure you do not forget this meaning. It is that time of the year again and love is in the air—or at least people would like to think so. Here are the top 10 indicators that Valentine’s Day is near:


1. Memes

As I write this, I realize Valentine’s Day is four days away. Over the last few days my Facebook has been bombarded with memes such as these:




2. Extra Public Displays of Affection

Yesterday on campus, I saw four different couples showing public displays of affection in the span of 15 minutes. It was odd; everywhere I walked I would see PDA there, PDA here, PDA everywhere. I would attribute this plethora of affection to Valentine’s Day approaching very quickly.


3. Advertisements

You will see these on billboards, on the radio, Facebook advertisements etc:

“Dinner for two special for Valentine’s Day.”

“Valentine’s Day special.”


4. Food

Tim Hortons Valentine’s Day donuts:  

Starbucks advertising their Valentine’s Day drinks and cake pops:

Stores selling Valentine’s Day chocolates:


5. Dollarama/Walmart

I went to Dollarama to get some cue cards—because you know, it’s midterms—and BAM, my eyes meet red. Red balloons, hearts, roses, RED EVERYTHING.

6. Candy Grams

Once you thought candy canes and grams were a thing of the past (a.k.a. Christmas), but all of a sudden different student organizations pester you to buy their candy grams and roses for Valentine’s Day.


7. Snapchat Filters


8. Invites to Galentine, Valentine, and Anti-Valentine’s Day Events 


9. Tinder

Quoted from a Her Campus writer: “Something deep inside of you causes you to redownload Tinder.”

10. Tags/Shares

Whether it be people tagging their significant others in pictures or people tagging their friends in anti-Valentine’s Day memes, you will find yourself amused.


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