Tips To Get Involved And Volunteer

Life gets busy and time passes us by, but it is so important for everyone to take some time to volunteer within their community and really help others who are in need.

I know that life gets hectic and school can become overwhelming and it’s hard to fit everything you need to do in a week, let alone in one day. Volunteering doesn’t have to take a lot of time, and helping other people out in the community is essential not only to provide people with things they need but it also helps you develop your leadership and communication skills. It’s a total win-win situation!

Stepping out of your comfort zone may be difficult but believe me, volunteering is such a rewarding feeling as you will feel more connected with the people in your community and you also see first-hand how a little bit of your time could make a change in someone’s life.


1) If you go to the University of Western Ontario, there is a London-based website with places where you can volunteer based on your interests or where you might feel the most comfortable. The places to volunteer vary from homeless shelters, educational opportunities and healthcare, to name a few. There is an abundance of information on the website, so you should definitely take a look if you are interested.

2) Also if you are more interested in volunteering in the Western University Campus, the Student Development Center has a Volunteers in Progress program which you can apply for, as there is an application process that needs to be completed prior to being accepted. Some of the volunteer positions include resource development, peer support, program management and administration and many more ways to help out students in the community.

3) Finally, one volunteer opportunity that I recently applied for and I am now a part of this upcoming semester is LiT (Learning It Together) which is also based at Western University. This volunteer position is right up my alley as it focuses on many university students visiting elementary schools once a week to either tutor or spend quality time with a child that they are partnered up with for the whole semester! I love working with children and really try my best to positively affect a child’s life. If this is something you are also interested in doing as well, this is website where you can apply to be a part of the team.

Click here if you want to apply.

Obviously there are so many other places to get involved and volunteer within the community, but these are just a couple of opportunities I have come across in the years that I have been living in London, Ontario. But, if you love to travel and really want to step outside your comfort zone there are many volunteer opportunities that go across borders to different countries. There are many programs close to home that offer this experience like Alternative Spring Break and World Abroad that partner with Western University. Here is more information.

I challenge you this New Year to take some of your time to volunteer, step out of your normal routine and go the extra mile to brighten someone else’s day who might be really struggling. You never know who you will positively impact and maybe, just maybe, someone will touch your heart in return and you will experience amazing things.