Thoughts You Have as a Pending Graduate

See ya NEVER, 2500 word analyses on nobody-cares-novels.

All those profs who said we could never write an essay in a day: PROVED YOU WRONG.

My first year Intro to Psych class was so worth it...

I wonder if I can sell my old essays to incoming undergrads.

Maybe I can get scouted for a huge company through my part-time retail job.

Do I get to sleep now?

How am I supposed to live without my parents’ benefits?!

Oh look, my friend got a full-time job offer in her field right after graduation.. Good for her..

Where am I supposed to work out now that I won’t have a free gym membership?

LOL, like I even went to the gym anyway.

Do I get to live like Rachel and Monica now and hang out in a coffee house all day?

Will it still be acceptable to live off of coffee and alcohol and after I graduate?

Wait, will it even be acceptable to drink alcohol besides a lonely glass of red wine with dinner?

Are all my drunken blackout nights behind me, because it would just be sad now?

Grad school... the longer I stay in school, the longer I have to pay off OSAP, right?

Does this mean I have to learn how to do taxes and stuff?

I wonder if I didn’t buy textbooks for 4 years if I’d have enough money to buy a car.

Is it just me or does my graduation photo look like a highschool photo rather than university?

If I play it cool, how many years will it take before they stop accepting my student card at the grocery store for discounts?

Actually, how long can I keep my school lanyard on my keychain?

What if me and my roommate can't find an apartment that's within walking distance of a pizza place?

How am I going to make any new friends?

Now what?