Thank You Ariel

Over the past year, our Campus Correspondent (CC), Ariel, has gone above and beyond to give us the best Her Campus experience possible. She's opened her home to us and has always been there to listen and help us, whether it be about HCWO or something personal. Not only has she set a strong example for us with her frequent, high-quality articles, but she maintained our Pink level chapter status and led us into the top four of the Her Campus March Madness Traffic Contest which included 330+ international chapters.

Now that she is graduating, we thought we should do something special for her to show our appreciation. In the spirit of what we do here at HCWO, we're writing her a thank you article instead of giving her a thank you card.

Ariel has been much more than just our CC, but has impacted us on an individual and personal basis. “She's been an unparalleled support system (personally and for my writing) and sets an admirable professional example,” explains Stefanie, a fourth year English student.

“She is so driven and inspiring, which is reflected in her immense success as a CC, Chapter Advisor, Writer, and Editor,” says fourth year English student Victoria. “She put everything she had and more into this chapter, and I couldn't be more grateful to have had such a wonderful CC and be apart of her executive team.”

Guilia, a third year MIT student, says Ariel “showed me how important some things are to me and taught me to fight for what I want and taught me how to work harder.”

“She encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and gave me a leadership opportunity,” says fourth year Science student Elisa. “She continuously supported me and gave me so much advice throughout my year on the HC Exec Team.”

Third year English and American Studies student Frankie explains that Ariel made her “feel welcome from the second I joined Her Campus! Getting to know her has impacted me because of her work ethic; Ariel works so hard to make HCWO amazing and I'm always so inspired by her! I joined HCWO without knowing a single person and Ariel was so inviting from the second I met her and I automatically felt comfortable around her. At the moment I felt the most homesick, she made me feel completely at home.”

Frankie isn’t our only member who gushed about how welcoming Ariel has been. Asha, a first year MIT student, explained that “she has been so helpful and informative and welcoming. Because of her dedication, I feel like I am part of something at Western and am truly grateful for the impact that Her Campus has had on my first year experience.”

“I was nervous to join Her Campus at first but Ariel was so welcoming and friendly that I immediately felt at ease,” explains Alex, a third year criminology and sociology student. “She has encouraged me to get the most out of my Her Campus experience and to write about topics that are close to my heart.”

“Ariel was so amazing this year. She not only helped me deal with new found parts of my mental health but also was so understanding about my struggles adjusting to first year,” explains Ashna, a first year English student. “She was so approachable and responsive both online and in person and really made me understand that Her Campus is a community I can depend on.”

No matter what we had going on in our lives, Ariel was always understanding, supportive, and there for us. Fourth year MIT student Mariam told us that Ariel was “always there for [her] whether for the magazine or just life,” and was always “ready to help with the sweetest smile.” While Ariel continually exceeded all our expectations, Mariam notes that she is also “just such a positive and funny person to be around.”

“Ariel was always incredibly kind and understanding this year! She was supportive of my article ideas and provided me with a platform to share what I had to say,” says Gabriella, a third year Kinesiology student. “I'm so grateful for the opportunity to work with such a kind and committed individual!”

Furthermore, Ariel has made a lasting impact which makes HC graduates and our previous CCs alike proud. Hannah, one of our graduates, explains that “Ariel has been the most incredible support system I could have asked for,” even after her time as an active HC member and Western student has come to a close.

“Ariel has impressed me time and time again with her leadership skills, writing quality, and huge passion for Her Campus. I am so incredibly proud that the HCWO legacy has been continued by Ariel, and she has made the chapter bigger and better than it has ever been,” says Alexie, our 2014-2015 CC. “Ariel constantly inspires me with her creativity and her perseverance.”

“When I was finally ready to let go of Her Campus after an amazing year as the 2015-2016 HC President, I knew Ariel was the right girl for the job,” says Kellie, our 2015-2016 CC. “I am so proud of the battles she's conquered, the foundation she's built upon, and the legacy she has laid.”

Our Chapter Advisor of the past year, Emily, was also touched by Ariel and her dedication to HCWO over the past year. “Ariel inspires everyone around her to dream their wildest dream and chase it with passion. Ariel impacted me through always encouraging me in everything I do and supporting me 120%.”

As Ariel moves into the next exciting phase of her life, she has left Ella and I to continue the HC legacy for the 2017-2018 year, and we don’t know how to express our gratitude enough.

“Ariel has allowed me to have a leadership role in the HCWO empire, constantly guiding me and pushing me to be my best, all while being an amazing friend and Nando's partner, which I am eternally grateful for,” Ella says. “She is an all around strong, fearless, and amazing human, and wherever she goes next is lucky to have her.”

Personally, Ariel has been essential to not only my personal journey within HCWO, but in life. She constantly challenges me, inspires me, and cares for me, and has gone out of her way on multiple occasions to help me in times of personal crisis. But most of all, over the past year, she has been my mentor who I have learned an unfathomable amount from.

Thank You Ariel! — The HCWO Team

Thank you for taking a chance on me and granting me an editing position, and for being supportive and understanding when I was going through a tough time. You made my experience with HC a great one, and I'm so happy I got to end my final year with meeting you and all of the wonderful women of HCWO. —Victoria

Ariel, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for all you have done for HCWO. The chapter was very special to me as CC, and Kellie when she was the leading lady — you have made us both so proud. I can say without a doubt having you in charge was the reason why HCWO has prospered so much this year. It would not be where it is now without you. You have worked so hard, and it truly shows. You will continue to do amazing things, HC was just the beginning! --Alexie

Thank you Ariel for everything this year - you've really made a huge impact on my life and I'm so sad I won't be around you next year! You're going to do amazing things and go amazing places and I can't wait to see how successful you are! Please keep in contact and if you're ever in England come visit me xxxx --Frankie

Thank you so much for putting up with my constant questions!! Good luck with everything! -- Gabriella

I'm so happy I got to work and super excited to be roomies for a week!! --Mariam

Thank you so much for being so friendly and helpful, especially when I have FB messaged you like 100 questions! I am so grateful I joined this year and got to know you! --Asha

Thanks so much Ariel, you were a huge part of what made Her Campus the best part of my year! --Lauren

Ariel, you have been the best CC ever this year! You were so welcoming and friendly that I immediately knew that I had made a great choice by joining Her Campus. Thank you for all of your hard work this past year. Our chapter would be nothing without you! I wish you all the best in the future and keep in touch! HCXO <3 --Alex

Thank you for being a wonderful queen, leader and friend and I know you'll accomplish amazing things in the future! --Ella

Thank you Ariel for being a leader of such a great Her Campus team! You've accomplished so much as CC in the past year and I'm so proud to have a been a part of your team! I wish you all the best next year and the years to come!  --Elisa

Your kindness and willingness to go above and beyond, not only in your work but in your personal relations, inspires me to be a better person! Thank you for being a great leader! --Lindsay

Thank you so much Ariel for being such an enthusiastic and organized editor. You have me the chance to write on topics I care about. Her Campus is such an awesome website for readers and platform for writers. --Megan

Ariel, HC at Western could never have been this successful without your enthusiasm and hard work. You've helped new members grow, challenged older members to take initiative and follow their passions, and there's even a few of us who you've been there for when times are tough. It's difficult to find empathy, intelligence, maturity, and beauty all in one person, yet, somehow you've nailed it. Good luck with your plans postgrad, we're all going to miss you! --Stefanie

Hi Ariel! Thank you so much for going above and beyond what anyone would expect the chapter president to do, and especially for making my first year with Her Campus memorable and exciting. --Ashna

Thank you Ariel! Your organization, dedication and commitment to HCWO has extended the legacy and ensured the future of our beloved chapter! --Hannah

Ariel, you only came into my life this year and now I can't imagine not being friends with you. You inspire and change the lives of everyone around you with your passion and drive. Thanks for the late night chats, endless snacks, loving me and my dogs and bringing me bagels and hot chocolate when I'm feeling poorly. I LOVE YOU LOTS --Emily

Best of luck with whatever you do Ariel! I know you'll do great! --Giulia

She encouraged me to become a better writer. Thank you Ariel!!! --Nicole Li

Ariel, you amaze me. I am so thankful for you, your friendship, your spirit, your strength, and your dedication to this chapter. It was hard to leave such an incredible group of women as I graduated, but I knew that in your hands, HCWO would continue to transform, grow, and do brilliant and wonderful things. Under your leadership, HCWO has impacted lives, both at Western and beyond. Never forget what you have done here - because it is beautiful. Love you always. --Kellie