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A Summary of Every Procrastinator’s School Year: GIF Edition

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Western chapter.

It’s that time of year again! You’ve spent the last seven months of your life pretending finals season ceased to exist. But thoughts of summer and warm weather are halted by the sudden realization that you have six papers, two quizzes and three discussion posts due in the next week (in addition, of course, to the five exams you have to study for)! So, here it is—from the first day of class to the last day of finals—your procrastination over the course of the school year as told in GIFs.

Seeing the syllabus in September but paying no attention to the final assignment portion:

“So, attendance isn’t mandatory for this class? … BYE!”

When you finally finish your fall midterms and start Christmas break but suddenly remember that the school year is half done and winter midterms start all over again the second you’re back:

Seriously though… does midterm season ever truly end?

When the days get colder, darker, and shorter and midterm season starts making eight hours of sleep seem like a distant memory:

While naps in the library are frowned upon, they are also 100% acceptable and necessary during this time.

When your coffee dependency hits an all-time high:

Six cups a day? More like six cups an hour, am I right?

So you start getting desperate and begin counting down the days to spring break:

At least on spring break, you can feel dead on the inside but look tanned on the outside.

Your reaction to your professors reminding you that finals season is around the corner and to work on your upcoming assignments during the break:

I’m actually planning on being drunk every day, thanks for the tip though, Susan.

When it’s finally spring break!!!:

I’ll see you at Jack’s for dollar beers?

Trying to convince yourself that you should use some of your free time to actually catch up on your readings:

It’s a no from me.

A more accurate depiction of what you end up doing:

Watching The Office in its entirety for the eleventh time > Anything school related.

When you get back to class and your professor asks why you didn’t do any work:

Looking at your syllabus for the second time all year and seeing that finals don’t officially start until March:

You start thinking that for once you may have your life in order…

Realizing it is March:

…Only to realize that you were very wrongly mistaken.

Trying to motivate yourself to start your assignments:

You start making to-do lists, reading motivational quotes, and Googling anti-procrastination tips, but ultimately end up watching a 10-hour long video of Shia Labeouf telling you that you can do it instead.

But still putting them off until the last second and then realizing you have a paper due tomorrow:

Kony lied, the end of the world is now.

So you start typing like:

Reminder to self: diamonds are made under pressure. I repeat, diamonds are made under pressure!

And begin talking nonsense in hopes of hitting the word count:

Fact: Swapping every word out for a synonym makes you sound smarter.

Finally finishing your paper and handing it in the next morning:

Goodnight sweet prince.

Knowing damn well that it was the equivalent of:

Not, not true.

Telling yourself that you will never procrastinate another assignment during finals season again:

We are all liars.

Only to realize you have another paper due tomorrow:

In this moment, I have never hated myself more.

And lastly, when you remember that strippers don’t need degrees:

*Watches pole dancing tutorial videos rather than doing assignments*

Well fellow procrastinators, as the school year comes to a close and we all struggle to get through finals season, keep reminding yourself that your grades don’t define your worth and that there’s always next year to attempt to change your procrastinating ways! Additionally, when your professor tells you that an assignment cannot be left until the last minute, remember, it is garbage can, not garbage cannot! Happy exam season Western students!

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