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Name: Stuart Cameron

Year: 2

Program: Medical Science

Hometown: Lucknow, ON

Relationship Status: Taken

Tell me a little bit about yourself and some of the things you do at Western.

I’m in second year medical science and am also a varsity shot put and weight thrower for the Western Track and Field Team.


What events do you do on the track and field team and what do they mean?

During the school year I throw weight throw and shot put. Weight throw uses a 35 pound weight (or 20 pound for women) attached to a short chain that is thrown by spinning around a few times before release and is similar to hammer throw. Shot put uses a 16 pound ball and is thrown held to the neck and by spinning or gliding once. In the summer, I throw discus, as well as shot put, which is like throwing a heavy frisbee by spinning in a similar manner to shot put.


What has been your proudest track and field related achievement to date?

Last summer, I had the opportunity to compete in Edmonton at the Junior National Championships where I took home bronze medals in both discus and shot put. It was my first time competing outside of Ontario and at the national level and it was a great experience. I had not expected to medal in discus so that was a happy surprise.


Are you involved in anything else at Western?

Last summer, I volunteered full time in a genetics lab on campus that works primarily with researching the embryonic development of flies. My responsibilities consisted mostly of time consuming jobs that the PhD’s don’t have time to do — making food, gels for protein separation and cleaning. This experience taught me about the patience that’s required for research and improved my lab skills overall. I continue to volunteer in that lab for a few hours each week.


You’re 6’8”. What’s one thing you’re tired of people saying when they comment on your height?

Asking if I play basketball…I haven’t since high school.


What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

In high school I missed the OFSAA regional discus competition to sing as Rolf in The Sound of Music.


Do you have any mottos that you like to live by?

“If you’re not first, you’re last”


What are your goals for the next year, both in terms of track and academics?

I would like to participate at the Canada Games for discus this summer. Academically, I would like to maintain my grades with a busy schedule so I have options after graduation.


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