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Speechless Activities Leave You Speechless

I feel like there is beauty in everything we do. I find it astounding that we are capable of so much, ranging from getting past midterms to running a marathon. Regardless of the activity, we speak volumes about the type of person we are all without saying a single word.

I think such astonishment roots from the fact that these actions allow us to demonstrate who we truly are and our character traits. Instead of hearing someone just say they are “loving,” I can more likely believe them through what they do, illustrating their gracefulness as a person. The specific moment I realized this sense of gracefulness was when I first saw Western’s hockey players practicing on the indoor ice rink. It was a simple experience, yet complex at the same time.

On the surface, they were sweaty, competitive boys that probably wanted to crush McMaster or Laurier. However, as I sat in the chilly stands, I observed the players. I speculated their heavy gear, the way they concentrated on gliding across the ice, the fierce looks in their eyes, and the constant knocking of the hockey puck. The one aspect that I noticed throughout this was that there was no speech involved. Nobody was speaking; it was the best part. It was an entirely visual and auditory experience, and I loved it. I was so mesmerized by their artistry that I didn’t need words to explain or describe the experience. At that moment, I began to realize how wonderful it is to witness anyone do practically anything.

I realized how important it is to partake in activities that do not involve words. I feel like they form deeper connections to our souls and minds and, if it is with others, then we connect with them in this similar manner as well. It is the passion and the emotion that is involved, rather than speech, that allows us to embrace the present moment. With this, there is a sense of focus that is developed. We centralize our attention and mind on the task at hand, allowing us to demonstrate our best abilities that create a lovely aura of individual confidence.

Although some of these actions without words may seem minuscule or even just part of daily life, they add fascination within our lives. It does not matter if it is cleaning the house or getting 100% on an exam, each one establishes a sense of accomplishment within us. Unfortunately, I feel like many of us think we do more or less than others. We feel like our work is not as important as someone else’s because we feel like it’s not as difficult as his or hers: a pre-med course load versus an arts course load, playing an instrument at a beginner level versus an advanced level. We tend to compare ourselves in order to measure our self-worth because of stereotypes and pressure, especially in the university setting.

However, I recognize that I am not defined by which tasks I do, but rather how I do them. It is in the approach that I take and the passion I exude in everything that I do, leaving those around me the way I arrived: speechless.

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