Songs You Should Be Listening To Right Now

Need a new jam? We've go you covered.... Here's a couple of songs to get you through the day.... or the week..... ok, pretty much this entire month.

Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande

This song will make you slither. I am not kidding. Every time this comes on, you will start dancing and you will feel sexy AF. Ariana has surely changed her image and we’re liking this bad girl image.

Best Line: All that you got, skin to skin, oh my God, Don’t ya stop, BOY!

No by Megan Trainor

Fresh off her Grammy win for best new artist, Megan Trainor released “No”. I’ve never been the biggest fan of her music, I felt like she was the female Pitbull, just always around, always singing, and just no one’s favourite musician. Until now. This is literally the epitome of a female empowerment anthem.

Best Line: “My name is No, My sign is no, my number is no”

Like I Would By Zayn Malik

This song is my JAM. It is such a banger and so different from the other songs Malik released. It’s infused with R&B, hip-hop, electronic with a pinch of pop music. We are teeming with excitement for Mind of Mine

Best Line: “Saw your face and got inspired” 

Ultralight Beam by Kanye West and Chance the Rapper

I don’t know about you but I am still reeling from the release of Kanye’s TLOP. It’s no wonder that this album was called gospel by West, I felt so blessed after listening to it. It’s a plea, confession, and an anointment. Kanye is praying, Kanye is singing, Kanye is winning with this song. Despite Kanye’s inflated ego, he often lets others take the spotlight int this song and throughout the album. Also my other favourites from TLOP are Waves, Wolves, and FACTS.

Best Line: “Know what God said when he made the first rainbow, just throw this at the end if i’m too late for the intro”


Kevin by Macklemore and Leon Bridges

Though Leon Bridges heavenly voice brought me into this song, Macklemore really hit it home with this tune. Its emotional, heart wrenching, and catchy. You will find yourself humming the chorus.

Best Line: “First dealer was his mom’s medicine cabinet / Got anxiety, better go and give him Xanax / Focus give him Adderall, sleep, give him Ambien / Till he’s walking round the city looking like a mannequin”.

Higher by Rihanna

It’s probably the biggest shame that my favourite song on Rihanna’s new album ANTI is the shortest of the album. Higher is rugged, raw, and scratchy. I can just imagine Riri drinking some whisky, a joint in the hand, just playing around and recording this song as a plea to an ex-boyfriend.

Best Line: “This whiskey got me feeling pretty”


Untitled 02 by Kendrick Lamar

Would a list ever be complete without a killer jam by Kendrick Lamar? Of course not. One of my favourite things about Kendrick, other than his extremely catchy beats, is that every song I listen to I want to dissect and understand what he’s saying. A Kendrick song wouldn’t be a Kendrick song without a meaning or a message. Even when Kendrick cheers, “Pimp, Pimp, Hooray”, there’s a reason for it. Kendrick infused jazz, rap, and soul all into this one song and damn does he never disappoint. Do yourself (and your ears) a favour and go and listen to the entire album. Just go listen to every Kendrick album.

Best Line: “I can put a rapper on life support, guarantee that’s something none of you want”

Waves Remix By Miguel and Kacey Musgraves

These two literally just created their own genre. It’s a mix between R&B, country, pop, and soul. It is so catchy and there two voices together are just heavenly.

Best Line: “Body built for the beach, do you got that ocean? / Body surf, don’t sleep, body surf on me”.


Kairos (The Trip) by Tut

There is something hypnotic and mellow about Tut’s music, and especially this song. The beat is strong and intriguing.

Best Line: “Living my life to the fullest even though my tank is on empty”

All The Pretty Girls by Kaleo

The band Kaleo reminds me as a mix of Coldplay, Ben Howard and Ed Sheeran. Their music is airy and dreamy. This four-piece hails all the way from Iceland and their sound is a mix of rock, indie, folk and a bit of Americana. Their music sounds a little glum, but with a hopeful tone.

Best Line: No one lends a helping hand, I have waited, I have waited / Takes it’s toll, one’s foolish pride