"She Has a Name"

Human trafficking is a heinous crime that robs its victims, often young women and girls, of their most basic human rights…” — Gordon Campbell, Former Human UK High Commissioner

Human trafficking is a problem in our society that is much more prevalent than one would think. Inspired by a true story, She Has a Name seeks to inform the public about the hidden world of human trafficking while raising funds for its victims.

In 2008, a shipping container was found in Thailand from Burma with 121 sex workers inside, with 54 of them dead. This is the story that inspired the film.

In the film, a lawyer poses as a john in order to build a case against a pimp who is trafficking girls in Asia. He meets a woman, Number 18, who is forced to work as a prostitute, and he relies on her to testify and make his case.

Although She Has a Name takes place in Thailand, Canada is not immune to the world of human trafficking. Canada is used as a source, destination, and transit point for human traffickers and human trafficking is the second most profitable illegal business following drugs, as it is a $40 billion industry.

In 2000, the United Nations implemented the Palermo Protocols, one of which is the protocol to “prevent, suppress, and punish the trafficking of persons, especially women and children.”

The UN estimates that over 2 million children are exploited every year, and the average age of children forced into the sex trade is 12-years-old. Less than 1% of these children are rescued.

She Has a Name seeks to inform the public of this worldwide phenomenon, and each download of the film helps support the victims of human trafficking.

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