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Sex Proofing Your Makeup

There’s nothing worse than putting so much time and effort into your makeup, only to have it ruined because you’re having too much fun in bed (or in the shower, on the counter, the couch, wall or table). If I’m spending the time and money on my makeup, you bet I don’t want raccoon eyes. So here’s how to sex proof your makeup so the only thing you need to focus on is finishing and not the powder kind.


The only sex proof foundation I’ve ever tried is Dior ForeverSkin Foundation. That stuff isn’t moving, and for the price of $64, it better not.  But anything with full coverage that guarantees x number of hours of wear will hopefully work.

Finishing Powder

I’ve tried most finishing powders, and nothing is quite like the Laura Mercier powder. A finely milled powder, this product helps set foundation and concealer and prevent creasing and moving.

Waterproof everything

Maybe you’re a crier, maybe you’re a sweater, or maybe he is, but either way you want to waterproof everything. This will stop your makeup from smudging and going all over your face and his. I’m talking eyeliner and mascara, Marc Jacobs beauty Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner in Blackquer and Too Faced Better Than Sex (lol) waterproof mascara.

Setting Spray

A setting spray is like the hair spray of make up; it’s the final thing you do before heading out the door. Any of the setting sprays from Urban Decay are amazing. This will help keep your makeup on your face, no matter what!

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