Scott Helman and Ria Mae Shake Up The Wave

Scott Helman and Ria Mae performed at The Wave hosted by the University Students’ Council of Western this past Tuesday.

Photo Provided by Maria Spanogiannis

Pop singer Ria Mae and two-time JUNO Awards nominee Scott Helman have been performing nationwide on their joint Scott vs. Ria Breaking Hearts not Bones tour since October 14.

Numerous Western University students attended the concert and did not want the night to end.

“Ria Mae and Scott Helman killed it! Both performed well live and it was a great turnout. I know for a fact I wasn’t the only one wanting more at the end of the night,” said second-year film student Maria Spanogiannis.

Spanogiannis especially enjoyed how both Mae and Helman were connecting with the crowd.

“They kept their audience intrigued the entire time by engaging with the crowd in between and during songs. My favourite part of the night was when both Ria and Scott would interact with the crowd in asking questions, such as ‘Where can I find a good vegan place around here?’” said Spanogiannis.

Photo Provided by Maria Spanogiannis

Second-year media, information and technoculture student Katherine Jiang initially attended the concert for Helman, but became a fan of Mae afterwards.

“It was an amazing time! The whole night was pretty solid. I'm not super familiar with Ria Mae's music – [I’m] more of a Scott Helman fan after hearing him at the MMVAs three years ago – but her opening set was great,” said Jiang.

When asked about her favourite part of the show, Jiang said, “It would probably either be when he played ‘Kites,’ which is such a jam, or when it was just him and the guitar for ‘Machine.’”

The concert ran from 9:30 pm to midnight and tickets cost $15.

The next musical event at the Spoke will be Battle of the Bands on November 28. For more details on the event, check out the Spoke and Wave’s Facebook page.

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