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Rachel LeClair

It’s always fun telling people how I met Rachel- through an online posting on Kijiji. Despite beginning with a somewhat sketchy initial introduction, we have become great friends. Rachel is a Professional Figure Skating Coach, a crazy cat lady, and a Laurentian University Political Science Graduate. She relocated from her hometown of Espanola, Ontario (population: 5 364!!) to London to complete her Master’s Degree at the University of Western Ontario. She’s taken some time out from studying, TAing, and researching to answer a few random questions about herself!

Relationship status?“I am in a relationship with a great guy! What is your favourite place to eat on campus/ in London?“The food in London has a lot more variety. I have enjoyed trying new restaurants and foods in the past few months I have been here. I would have to say Paramount Fine Foods is my favourite place so far!”Best deal you have ever found at Winners?“I am a Winners fanatic! I love a good deal. Most recently I acquired a pair of Brown Rampage wedge heels! I love them and they go with everything. If only the snow would melt.”Do you prefer dogs or cats?“I am a self proclaimed cat lady! I love cats, especially mine! He’s basically famous thanks to all the pictures of him on the internet.”

What is your favourite place you have traveled to?“I had the opportunity to travel to France for a course on Cultural History with Queens-Blyth Worldwide. It was an amazing experience. I met so many wonderful people. I immediately fell in love with Paris, there is something beautiful everywhere you look. It was a trip of a lifetime!”Which is your favourite type of exercise?“I was a competitive figure skater through high school and began coaching three years ago. I love it! I still love to keep in shape and I am happy to say I accomplished my goal of completing a half marathon in July. I also love yoga! A good friend of mine dragged me to a class and three years later I am still addicted. It is great for relieving the stress of school and it is a good way to keep in shape. If you haven’t tried it check out Yoga Shack, they have great student deals.”Who is your least favourite character on Friends and why?“I just recently watched Friends for the first time. I went through a Netflix binge and watched all the seasons back to back! My least favourite character was Ross. It doesn’t matter if you were on a break with Rachel! If you loved her you wouldn’t have been with someone else. She should have gone to Paris. ALWAYS choose Paris.”I have to ask: what colour was ‘the dress’ for you?“The dress was white with gold lace for me. I’m still confused why this was a big deal. It’s not even a nice dress.”

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