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Purple Coupons: Scizzorhands Reviewed

Greetings UWO students! My name is Kylie and I’ve recently started a new series titled “Purple Coupons,” where Her Campus writers test out the coupons offered in the Purple Book (available in all residences and the WSS).

Like most people, I want the best haircut for my buck. After looking at Yelp reviews and the coupons in the book, I decided to go with Scizzorhands, a hairdresser and esthetician spot on Wharncliffe North.

I called around 9AM on a Thursday looking for an appointment within the next two weeks. After chatting back and forth with the receptionist, I was able to book an appointment for that day! I told the receptionist that I planned on using a coupon, and there was no harsh tone or annoyance; she simply asked for me to bring the coupon and my student ID. I was not given any instructions as to when to show up.

Being a well-versed salon client, I arrived 15 minutes prior to my appointment. I was asked to sit in the waiting area while the hairdresser finished with her previous client. I noticed a fair amount of empty seats and salon chairs. They had a wide display of various products in their waiting area, with fun sale signs and posters of hair they’d done. The place was very clean—not a strand of hair anywhere!

As it neared my appointment time, the hairdresser who was to work on me was running slightly behind, and the receptionist kindly reassured that “it wouldn’t be too much longer.” Both her and the hairdresser, when she came to ask me to go back to the chair, used my name—a nice touch.

When I went back to the chair, I was asked how I wanted my hair cut. I gave examples and we talked first before even touching my hair to make sure we both understood what I wanted. I had my hair washed in the sink. The products used were fine, but they didn’t give my hair that extra luxurious feeling it usually has after leaving a salon. As she cut my hair, she asked whether each layer was what I wanted, and we chatted about the Ontario College Strikes. However, the last time I had my hair cut, the face framing pieces were cut on a diagonal to make the transition from bangs to hair softer. After having this done, I realized I didn’t like this as I tend to tuck my hair behind my ears. The hairdresser at Scizzorhands noticed that this had been done, and without consulting me began to shear the pieces. Thankfully, the layering was not too short; however, I recommend being very clear as to what you want.

While I had my hair cut, I noticed that there were quite a few regulars at this salon. All of the hairdressers and receptionists were friendly, remembering details about the regulars (kids, jobs, etc).

After she was done cutting my hair, my stylist offered to style it however I wanted. Being a person with naturally curly hair, I opted to have it blown out. She did a great job, making sure to get all the curly baby hairs.

Overall it was a great experience. I felt well taken care of and got exactly what I wanted. I paid and left the salon, feeling soft and silky. Meeting friends for dinner, I received numerous compliments about how nice my hair looked (and none of them knew I had a haircut scheduled that day, they all just believed it looked nice).

Thus, I give Scizzorhands ⅘ stars; it would’ve been five, but I didn’t like the face framing. I also enjoy when salons have some sort of hot beverage system, especially in the winter.

I definitely recommend trying out your own Purple Coupon there! For my haircut, I had the base price of $39.50 + tax, and after the coupon and tip, I paid $43.

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