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Perks of Having a Big Family

Some would argue there are both pros and cons to having a big family, but I think the pros outweigh the cons. There’s nothing better than having immediate best friends through blood who just happen to also look like you, sometimes talk like you, and if you’re lucky, even act like you. Although there are many reasons why there are more pros than cons, here are my favourite reasons for being part of a big family.


Huge Support Systems

Your siblings will be there for you no matter what you do, because that’s just what family does. So having a big family means double the support, and double the amount of people that will have your back if something good or bad happens in your life.

Friends For Life

My mother always says, “There are no better friends than a brother and sister.” When I was younger, I never truly understood this because why would I ever want to be friends with my siblings? But now that i’m older, i’ve realized that it’s the truth. Your siblings are your best friends through blood, mostly because they don’t really have a choice, but those are definitely the best kinds of friends.

It’s Fun

What’s better than having fun with people who give you absolutely no judgement? You can be as weird as you want with your siblings, and if you’re lucky they’ll be just as weird back. If one sibling isn’t at home, there’s always many more to have fun with. You’ll never be lonely.

More Clothes

Having sisters means having more than one wardrobe. This definitely comes in handy when you can’t find something to wear and are sick of your own clothes. Except for some reason it’s completely not okay if they go into your closet and take your clothes…

More Family

Once your siblings begin getting married and having kids of their own, your family is only going to continue to grow! Of course you couldn’t imagine having a small family for yourself, your kids would be so lonely. That means more nieces and nephews, which means lots of cousins for your own kids. Who needs friends when you have 23 first cousins!

Jess is a current student at The University of Western Ontario in her third year majoring in media information and technoculture. She is an aspiring writer who loves to travel and loves her dog Teddy.
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