To That One Friend

To that one friend,

I am not usually one for the sentimental long posts; I would rather make you laugh with my sarcasm than make you cry by telling you how much you mean to me. I need to write this letter because I will never be able to put into words everything that I want to tell you, and I also think that it's important for you to know all of what follows in this letter.

You know friendship is one of the most important things in my life—right up there with oxygen, water, food and family. Unfortunately for you, you are my best friend, which means that you have just as much of a stake in my life as I demand in yours (I am very demanding but you already knew that). Saddle up because this letter is going to be long and sappy. I hope you enjoy it and that you are drowning in happy tears by the time you reach the end.

I just want to let you know that you mean a lot to me. You have changed me to the point that I can’t remember what I was like before you. I also can’t see a future where we are no longer part of each other’s lives. What I do see in the future is us going out for Sunday brunches at one of those cute little cafes at the end of the cobbled street in the city where we both live. Not too close to each other, because that would be absurd, but not so far that we can’t maintain this tradition. I see us going shopping after brunch, just spending the entire day trying on clothes and window-shopping. 

I can see us going on adventures. I can see us bailing each other out of awkward dates, and probably jail too. I can see us arriving at each other’s place, unannounced, and having sleepovers for no apparent reason. I can see me getting into fights because someone said something mean to or about you. I can also see you being embarrassed and trying to hold me back, eventually giving up because I am too much to handle at the moment. I can see us laughing about it later on that same day. 

I can see us being there for each other through all the important days, lonely days, happy days and “not-so-significant” days. I can see my kids calling you their favourite aunt. I can see them smiling from ear to ear when you come over or when I bring them over. I can see you helping me with baking, because I am a total mess when it comes to baking. I can also see myself sitting there and sipping wine while you bake cookies for my kids—don’t worry, I make you your favorite drink to say thanks for all the help!

To be completely honest, I can see us being sixty and still enjoying each other’s company, because you can still tolerate me, even after all those years. I can see us going on exotic vacations together because:

 a. We are very rich (you better believe this one).

 b. We have nothing to do.

 c. I was bored and dragged you with me regardless of whether you wanted to go or not.

It’s like the typical best-friend duo of almost every rom-com out there, and I like to think that this is going to happen because my life so far has been nothing less than a movie.

I know it is too pretentious, day-dreamy and unrealistic to imagine all of this at this point in time, but you know me, and I think you can see me imagining all of this. I also know that you are okay with all of this since you haven’t left me yet. 

We’ve already established the fact that I am weird, but so are you, in a good way, and all I want to say is that my weird fits your weird perfectly. And I hope that it remains like that forever. 

With all the love, feelings and weirdness that I have in me: I love you. 

From your best friend.

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