The Nine Things That Happen When You Have A Roommate

There are many amazing aspects of university. Experiencing new things, developing new world awareness, learning to be independent for the first time, and of course, living with a roommate. Living with roommates can be an amazing experience; you always have friends at home and someone to crack open a bottle of wine with. However, there are also some downsides to living with roommates. Here are nine things you experience when you live with roommates:


1. You get to know them well. Like, scarily well.

Slight change in pressure of their footsteps when they walk in the door? You know they’ve had a bad day. One look at their eyes and you know if they’re happy, sad, or something… else. You also know exactly who’s in the kitchen simply by the sounds. It’s weird how quickly you learn to pick up on other people’s habits.


2. You can be the mom of the house while still making terrible decisions.

“You probably shouldn’t drink two bottles of red wine. Here, try vodka. I hear it’s better for hangovers.”


3. You all cheer when someone orders takeout.

Why do we do this? When someone announces to the room, “I’m ordering pizza!” It’s met with a massive cheer and validation from the rest of the house. Thanks for enabling bad choices, guys!


4. Friendships can be made and broken over dirty dishes.

Leaving a pan in the sink for three days to “soak”? Lord give me strength.


5. Spontaneous roommate bonding nights are the best.

One minute you can be watching The Bachelor, the next you’re Irish dancing to “Galway Girl” at 2am.


6. You experience the best of each other, and the worst of each other.

Your roommate will see you experience heartbreak, sadness and the greatest elations. It will only bring you both closer together.


7. You have four other closets to choose clothes from.

So your closet is full of Bluenotes, and your roommate’s closet is full of Topshop and Aritzia. You know where I’m going to get an outfit for tonight.


8. You always have someone to vent to.

Even if it’s just to the room.


9. Who else will walk with you to Prince Albert’s at 1am?

Poutine and greek fries, yes please!



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