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New to Western U

If you’ve been on campus recently – and let’s face it, you have been if you’ve been attending classes regularly – you’d have noticed a few recent additions to Western’s campus. If you’ve been slacking, not to worry. We’re here to give you the details of Western’s newest renovations.

The most obvious additions are the brand new Starbucks in the UCC lobby and the new installation of the Purple Store, which moved from the basement to the foyer. The Purple Store is located where the old InfoSource was, which has moved into the basement. An easy transition, but it can be confusing for students who don’t know about the switch. In light of these changes, the lobby looks much more open and much more inviting to students – though they increase student traffic and add congestion to the already busy area. Don’t worry though, with the UCC Starbucks’ staff efficiency, you can still get your tall pumpkin spice latte and be on time for class. Yum…

Also in the UCC, you will find last year’s additions of the Mustang Lounge – perfect for studying, reading before class or even taking a mid-afternoon nap – and the on-campus grocery store. There are always events going on in the Mustang Lounge: last week, a free concert took place (Hey Rosetta and Zeus) and on the 26th you will find the cast of MTV’s The Buried Life giving a presentation. Be sure to check it out!

Though I’m sure most of you aren’t particularly interested in architectural changes within Western, there are a few buildings that have been in the process of a face-lift – from the inside out – that are open for business… er, I mean classes. Last spring, we saw the opening of the Stephenson-Lawson Building after it completed its renovations (which had been on-going since my first year). The inside has a modern feel with bigger classrooms, new conference and study rooms and the addition of desks with plugs built in – genius. There are also a few study lounges placed throughout the building, but you’ll have to discover these great study spots for yourself. Like the Stephenson-Lawson Building, the Physics and AstronomyBuilding underwent renovations (which are still in the process of completion) and similar changes can be seen throughout. There is a lounge-like area in the center of the building which is still under construction, but it looks to be a great place to hangout and study, especially if you’re one to avoid Weldon at its busiest times.

Still under construction are Western’s newest building additions, the new student residence (which should to ready by Fall 2013) and the new Ivy building. The Ivy building should be completed soon – the glass walls allow you to see inside, which is noticeably ready for use – but we aren’t sure when exactly. Stay tuned for the official opening details.

Lastly, the student recreation center’s weight-room area made some changes over the summer. If you’re a gym junkie, you’ll definitely enjoy the new equipment and layout.

There you have it, collegiettes. That’s what’s new to Western U.

Have you noticed any changes that we may have missed? Let us know!
Picture Source:http://www.ivey.uwo.ca/discover/our-campuses/index.htm

Krystyna is in her fourth year at Western University, formerly the University of Western Ontario. She is majoring in Arts and Humanities, with a Specialization in the English Language and Literature. She hopes to pursue a career in teaching with a fallback on journalism. Fair warning, she is a bit of a grammar freak and as such is a trusted HerCampus Western Ontario editor. She loves fashion, literature, music and film - subjects which she also happens to enjoy writing about, so stay tuned. All in all, Krystyna is a proud member of the HerCampus community and she looks forward to writing for you.
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