My First Brazilian Wax: The Review

This reading week, my friends and I will be hopping onto a plane and venturing to the Domincan to celebrate before we all graduate and move on from university. In preparation for bikini weather, I booked a brazilian wax. This was my second time booking one, but my first time to have it done.

I went away over Christmas break and wanted to get it done in Toronto, but when I got there, the lady said my hair was too short. Now let me explain myself--when I booked it, being the type A personality I am, I asked the receptionist a million and one questions, one of them being “how long should my hair be.” She replied with “as long as a grain of rice.” So that’s exactly what I did! But when I was half naked and there was a lady staring at my whooha, she exclaimed that it was too short and she would not be performing my wax.

Anyways, fast forward to February 15th. I had booked a brazilian at Smooth Wax Bar in London and anxiously drove to to my appointment after my classes had finished. I had also booked a wax for my friend at the same time, and when we checked in, there was no appointment scheduled for me. Could this be an omen for me? Is someone out there trying to tell me not to get this done? I decided to ignore that, and talked with the receptionist and explained that I was the one who booked the appointments, I wouldn’t just book one for my friend and not for myself (it was under my cell number). Also, since my name was in the system, and it was my first time ever going there, it was evident that there had been a mistake on their end. They squeezed me in and once again I was lying in a room while a lady was looking at my situation down there.

This time, she (Carol) handed me a stress ball and got straight to work. She was super friendly and kept apologizing for the mix up that had occurred. She also made sure to reassure me that nothing would be awkward about the experience, but it would hurt. She told me about the special hard wax they use to reduce the pain which was nice to know (but I already knew because I had researched the place—type A personality coming in handy). I had also showered before to open up my pores, which they recommended on their website.

Carol kept the conversation light and ongoing which was a nice distraction from what was actually happening. We talked about lots of things, including the issue I had before when I tried to get my first wax. She was shocked and said that there should not have been an issue with that and she, and the other estheticians she knows, would have done it at that length—the whole point of wax is so that it grips the hair no matter how short (within reason)! I also told her that my friend from home got a brazilian in the summer and that she had red bumps afterwards and Carol explained that the place my friend went to must have double dipped the wax applicators, causing a transfer of bacteria (yuck!). So my advice to you is, go to a place that does not double dip, unless you want other people’s bacteria.

I will say that brazilians do hurt (especially in the more sensitive areas) but only for the split second, and a few afterwards,  when the hair is being ripped out. After it was over, there was no residual pain but it was a bit tender.  

I would 100% recommend going to Smooth Wax Bar for your next wax. Although there was a mix up, it was handled professionally and smoothly. The wax wasn’t painless, but it was done properly and effectively. I would also recommend to to research brazilians and see if they are the right approach to hair removal for you, before booking an appointment.

This is not a sponsored post, and I did not receive any compensation for this post.