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Meet The Editor: Naomi Barghiel

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Western chapter.


Name: Naomi Barghiel

Nicknames: Nay 

Position: Junior Editor

Age: 20

Program: Media, Information and Technoculture with a minor in Creative Writing

Hometown: Toronto


Favourite kind of pasta: The swirly kind?

Favourite Halloween candy: KIT KAT

Favourite cheese: Mozzarella

Favourite cereal: Fruit Loops

Favourite writing implement: Way too expensive Moleskine pen


If you were a work of art, what medium would you be in?

“Probably a clunky sculpture. Perhaps a bowl.”

How did you get involved with HerCampus?

“Two summers ago I came across some HCW articles on Facebook and really resonated with the vibe of Her Campus. So last year I was a writer, and now I’m a Junior Editor!”

Other than Her Campus Western, what could HCW stand for?

“Happy Children Werking…?”

What is something you believed as a child that you now know isn’t true?

“One that comes to mind is that I used to think babies were made by the father pressing a physical button inside the stomach of the mother and voila. Baby is born instantly.”

What’s one thing you think everyone should know?

“Recently I got quite a bad mark on an assignment I was excited about, which, to put it simply, made me feel like a huge dummy. I received the mark around a really busy time academically, so I was feeling pretty unmotivated to work on everything else I had to do. Something everyone should know is that there’s no point in beating yourself up over one or even 10 bad marks. You’re not a dummy, and at least someone thinks you’re the smartest person they know.”

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Western '20

In between. Still think I'm seventeen. Don't know where I'm going. And okay with it.
Shauna Ruby Valchuk is HCW's 2019-20 Editor-in-Chief. She's in her fifth year studying Creative Writing, English, Language and Literature. Currently, she is working on her creative non-fiction thesis. She writes in her off days and publishes it on her on days and hopes to one day make money doing the stuff she loves surrounded by as many cats as legally allowed.