Meet The Editor: Naomi Barghiel


Name: Naomi Barghiel

Nicknames: Nay 

Position: Junior Editor

Age: 20

Program: Media, Information and Technoculture with a minor in Creative Writing

Hometown: Toronto


Favourite kind of pasta: The swirly kind?

Favourite Halloween candy: KIT KAT

Favourite cheese: Mozzarella

Favourite cereal: Fruit Loops

Favourite writing implement: Way too expensive Moleskine pen


If you were a work of art, what medium would you be in?

“Probably a clunky sculpture. Perhaps a bowl.”

How did you get involved with HerCampus?

“Two summers ago I came across some HCW articles on Facebook and really resonated with the vibe of Her Campus. So last year I was a writer, and now I’m a Junior Editor!”

Other than Her Campus Western, what could HCW stand for?

“Happy Children Werking…?”

What is something you believed as a child that you now know isn’t true?

“One that comes to mind is that I used to think babies were made by the father pressing a physical button inside the stomach of the mother and voila. Baby is born instantly.”

What’s one thing you think everyone should know?

“Recently I got quite a bad mark on an assignment I was excited about, which, to put it simply, made me feel like a huge dummy. I received the mark around a really busy time academically, so I was feeling pretty unmotivated to work on everything else I had to do. Something everyone should know is that there’s no point in beating yourself up over one or even 10 bad marks. You’re not a dummy, and at least someone thinks you’re the smartest person they know.”

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