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In regards to the election of Donald Trump last night as President of the most powerful country in the world, our response must be to CARE. The ideals that were shown to be valued by almost half of Americans last night are ones that create a breeding ground for hate and violence, as this man has vocalized such ideals throughout his campaign, making it “socially acceptable” for his supporters. Even if you are not American, it’s time to care now–more than ever.

While you see opinions on social media that may displease you, do not skip past them–read them. It’s good for the mind to see opposing views, and to be able to counter them. Be receptive to new knowledge and let it engage you. Share your thoughts, participate in debate if you wish, as this is our right and can be a helpful way to widen our perspectives. Speak up with a confidence that projects your values, human decency and the fundamental morality that North America was built upon.

Most importantly, care. Many Americans, especially minorities, may have a heavy heart today. Offer support, offer advice. Treat others how you would want to be treated if this was your country, your new leader. Recognize where your viewpoint could be flawed, where your biases and privileges are, and use that to enlighten yourself. Remember that we are all trying to make the most of our time on this beautiful planet, whether operating with a Republican, Democratic, Liberal or Conservative government, we must respect each other, as that is the foundation of our existence.

Live. Love. Listen.

MacKenzie is a 3rd year Criminology Student at Western University and an aspiring criminal lawyer. She is passionate about women empowerment and butter chicken. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter for more shenanigans: @mackenzievozza
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