Literally Just Dogs in Clothes to Cheer You Up During Exams

I think we can all agree that dogs are the greatest gift on this Earth. They're fuzzy and snuggly and they smile at you…what more could you ask for? These puppers are all dressed up cause they don't want you to be stressed! 

1. These happy nappers

2. This lil bum in his jam jams

3. Harry Pupper

4. This pupperoni who's all ready for his vacay

5. This elf who wants to give you everything on your list

5. This tiny nugget who's just trying to stay warm

6. This sweet donut

7. This smiley face that wants to celebrate you being amazing! 

8. This fluff ball who wants to light up your life

9. This tiny angel who knows that comfort is key

10. Two bestie booties who know that exercise is a great way to take a break

11. These three noodles who know that sleep should be a priority