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Lauren Ramesbottom

Lauren Ramesbottom is the do-it all kind of girl and this week’s Campus Celebrity! Having such a balanced lifestyle with doing what she loves, helping with the community through the SPUR fashion show and being a published writer, makes Lauren the girl to beat! She is passionate, open-minded and ready for any and all challenges. Having people like Lauren on campus is what makes UWO such a special place.  

Age: 21 

Hometown: Born in Mobile, Alabama but grew up in Dallas, Texas.

Year and program: 4th year; started off in Kin and switched into Linguistics and a Professional Communication certificate

How did you get involved with the SPUR? And what roll do you currently hold?

My Roommate was an executive member on the Fashion show team last year which gave me some insight into the show and Spur as a whole, so when she became the Director this year I knew there was no way I could deny the opportunity to apply for a position. I currently hold the position of Creative Director for the upcoming fashion show on March 14th.

What tasks have you taken on?

Myself and my co-creative director, Emily Vickruck, work on essentially all creative elements of both the preparation for the show and the fashion show itself. We have designed rave cards for model auditions, posters, cover photos and media propaganda, created the theme/assisted with the planning and production for the launch video and will be creating the props and creative elements to be used during the actual show.

What drew you to take on a project like the SPUR fashion show?I’ve always been one to thrive within a pretty busy and dynamic schedule, so the opportunity to get involved with an initiative that allowed for both creative work and the support of a great cause seemed like a perfect fit. I not only get to work with an amazing team of people to put on a great show, but we also get to benefit Cystic Fibrosis London Chapter in a big way, which is definitely the best part!

Does fashion inspire you? If so, in what ways?

I am certainly no fashionista, but I enjoy fashion in my own right. During the week on campus I am generally wearing head-to-toe LuLu Lemon (I have a not-so-subtle addiction to the brand) since I want to stay active, comfortable and usually fit in a work out at the gym. However, when I go out or work at the office etc. I put aside the LuLu to opt for dressier, ‘chicer’ choices that I feel compliment my best self. In terms of fashion inspiration, I think that everyone should dress in a way that makes them feel the most comfortable and confident, which is definitely what I aim to do.

You’ve now published 11 articles with Elite Daily! How did you feel when you saw your first piece published on the site?I began my contributing career with Elite Daily mid-last year so seeing my first article appear on the site was definitely a major accomplishment for me. Within a few days the article, “5 Things You Need to Realize About Love in Your Twenties” had garnered just over 20,000 likes/shares and I became the featured Contributor that week, which was definitely one hell of a way to start my contributing career with Elite Daily!As a writer, having your work published anywhere is an accomplishment in its’ own right since the online journalism industry is pretty over-saturated and competitive. So to have the opportunity to contribute to such a large-scale publication with over 1.7 million readers like Elite Daily has allowed me to connect with other writers and readers all over the world, which continues to be an undeniably awesome experience.

How long have you been a writer?

I’ve always enjoyed and excelled at writing and the arts, but I’ve been writing online journalism pieces for various publications for three years now and working as an editor for two years.

What inspires you to write? Any favourite authors?

Whenever I try to explain my passion for writing, I always end up saying ‘it’s the only thing I truly feel an innate need to do’. I’ve always been fascinated by people and conversation and felt a certain descriptive urge to capture the essence of those experiences and shed light/wisdom on various topics to the best of my ability, and writing allows me to do exactly that. I’ve been lucky enough to cover topics ranging from health and fitness, sports, humor, culture, lifestyle, sex and dating, which has not only allowed me to share my opinion in a way that readers can resonate with and connect to, but also develop a better understanding of my own self in both a literary and introspective regard. Some of my favourite writers include Christopher Poindexter, Charles Bukowski, James Patterson, Stephen King (classics) and I binge-read New York Times articles like it’s my job which, I actually wish it was. 

You have plenty of interests it seems, what do you do in your daily routine to maintain such a busy lifestyle?

I’ve always been the type of person to take on a full-plate within my daily life; if anything, I feel more sane when I’m keeping busy and on the move than when I have too much time on my hands. These days, I spend majority of my time between classes and studying, writing and editing articles, working with Gymnut fitness app on Community Development/PR initiatives, preparing for the Spur Fashion Show and trying to fit in time to work out and go out with friends when possible. With a little determination and a lot (I mean a LOT) of coffee, I make it work!

 Finally, what are your goals for after university?

Luckily, BMO Bank has offered me a full-time contract working as an information security analyst once I finish school this semester, so I will be moving downtown and starting work right away. I will likely look to move on to a PR and communication-focused role, as that is my main area of interest. Of course, I intend on keeping up with my writing and pursuing any and all opportunities to continue writing in a professional sense. My absolute dream job would be to write and edit for a major publication such as the New York Times and live in the big city, or even try my hand at writing novels, so I look forward to seeing what opportunities come my way in the future in that regard!

Make sure you check out the upcoming SPUR fashion show on March 14th, 2015 to support your fellow Westerners and the London Cystic Fibrosis Branch! Also, head on over to Elite Daily to read some of Lauren’s outstanding articles.

Hi! I'm Emily. Current fourth year student at UWO earning my degree in English Language and Literature. I can make up a metaphor for almost anything and can also often be found Pinteresting. A lover of literature, fashion and my cat, Audrey.
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