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Age: 22

Program: Honours Specialization English Language and Literature

Hometown: CFB Borden

Relationship Status: Single

Tell me about yourself and all the things you do at Western:

I have always worked during school so Her Campus is the only extracurricular I have participated in on a regular basis. I’ve always loved participating in events outside of school, there are way more things to do in London than most students know about. Perusing the old books stores in downtown London has definitely become one of my favourite hobbies.


What is the best/your favorite thing you have done at Western?

I have loved participating in and being a part of Her Campus but I have really loved meeting new people. Western is so big and we have so many international students that making new friends has become an activity. I love hearing about where people come from and why they are on exchange at Western. Every time I meet a new person from a cool place, I add the country to my dream travel list! At this point, I may have to spend the next 20 years travelling in order to see every place on my list.


What did you like most about your major?

English classes are pretty small at Western, my first year class was only 50 people or so and I have never had a class bigger than that. Because of this, a lot of my classes are discussion based and very engaging. I love hearing about other people’s ideas and I love it when someone expresses a brilliant idea that makes me completely rethink my opinion. My professors have always really encouraged thinking outside the box and it has been very empowering to have that kind of support from an educated person that I look up to.


What was your favorite thing to do in London?

I love walking from my house to downtown in the spring. There are so many pretty paths along the river and the famer’s market is a great place to have lunch.


Who is your role model?

Definitely my little sister. She is the funniest and most articulate person I have ever met. She is modest and unassuming and I think she sometimes forgets how strong she is just because she’s our baby. She is also graceful and mature but will verbally tear you a new asshole if you deserve it. I feel like the combination serves her well. However, she cannot cross a street on her own and there is an ongoing debate over whether or not she can ride a bike. No one is perfect.


What are your plans for the summer?

Still in the planning stage but I am hoping that a lot of travelling will be involved :D


What is your favorite song right now?

Currently anything sung by Andrea Bocelli because I listen to him when I’m stressed or can’t sleep. Which is basically how I feel constantly since it’s finals season.


Do you have any mottos that you live by?

It is impossible to make everyone happy and you shouldn’t try to.

Sew your own silver linings.


What do you want to be when you grow up?

I never think about what I want to be when I grow up, only who I want to be. I have always thought that what kind of person someone is is more important than what they do for a living. I want to be Professor Alisson Lee. If you have met her than I don’t think I need to explain why, and if you haven’t met her then you should go meet her.


Have you had any classes/ professors at Western that made an impact on you?

Alisson Lee and Donna Pennee completely changed the way I think about things or even look at the world. They really challenged me to open my eyes and to see things differently. I think I learned more from them than any other Professors at Western.


Do have any guilty pleasures?

Nutella always <3 I will literally put in on anything. ANYTHING… including just a spoon.


What’s your favorite thing to do in your spare time?

It used to be reading but after four years as an English major, that may not be true anymore. I also play the ukulele/ sing and luckily school has left that alone. 

Ariel graduated from Western University in 2017. She served as her chapter's Campus Correspondent, has been a National Content Writer, and a Campus Expansion Assistant. She is currently a Chapter Advisor and Chapter Advisor Region Leader. 
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