Just Journal!

If you’re shopping around for a new hobby, simply want to record your day-to-day for future generations to read in awe or for you to cringe at your past self, a journal sounds just about right for you!

What is a journal?

While we probably all know that a journal is an object in which we can write to our heart’s desire, there are many types of journals, each suitable for different record-keeping purposes.

The word “journal” may bring about the connotation of a book filled with someone’s daily life experiences. However, there are also writing journals, ones whose pages are structured for story ideas, poetry or random words to fill the pages. Bullet journals, dream journals and travel journals are some others types of journals that are also quite popular. Chefs-in-the-making may keep a recipe journal, one to store all their secret and delicious recipes away in, and artists may want an art journal where they sketch their designs or create their masterpieces.

Nowadays, with the rise of social media, digital journals are another potential option, whether that be in the form of a blog or a hidden Word document stored somewhere in the depths of your computer.

It doesn’t matter whether you keep a single journal or multiple journals. What matters are the contents inside your journal.

What is journaling?

Journaling is the act of writing down things for record-keeping. Sometimes, it’s also been noted as a good way to manage stress levels. Most importantly, it is the act of being able to write down anything you want!

What should I put down in a journal?

It’s completely up to you!

You can record your feelings or record the events of the past day to look back on. Explore your creative side with your writing or arts journal, or use your bullet journal to keep track of your to-do lists and goals. Perhaps you could even utilize your dream journal to analyze sleep patterns, or find those deep, personal symbols your English teachers always told you to look for.

How is a journal useful?

Journaling is a great way for keeping memories, regardless of if they are stored digitally or physically. You can keep them for yourself, share with the rest of your friends and family, or pass them down to future generations. Some memories—whether a true experience, dream entry or story idea—make for good campfire stories!

What can I use to journal?

If you prefer to digitize your journal, all you need is a keyboard, a program to keep your notes—even a basic notepad application could work for this—and a backup drive in case your device ever crashes.

If you prefer the pencil and paper method, you can always use loose sheets of paper and put them into a binder, or any notebook, whether you decorate it yourself or not! A few places for potential journal shopping are: Michael’s, Indigo or Etsy.

Doesn’t sound too hard, does it?

Just journal!

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